TOPEKA, Kan. – As Senator Pat Roberts campaigns in Overland Park today with Governor Mitt Romney and Senator Bob Dole, has anyone asked liberal Democrat Greg Orman where he is today? 

Orman is reportedly campaigning in California today and holding a fundraiser at the Beverly Hills-based Roar Talent Agency, instead of meeting with voters in Kansas.

Of course, just as with President Obama, many of Orman’s top supporters, including Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel, are located in California, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that he’s going back to his base of his support. But has anyone asked – where is Greg Orman with just days to go until the November 4 thelection? 

“It’s no surprise that the liberal Hollywood elites would embrace liberal Greg Orman,” Roberts’ campaign manager Corry Bliss said.  “Greg Orman advocates for their far left views. Orman supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. He supports abortion on demand. He dismisses any effort to repeal Obamacare, and he is so extreme on environmental issues he won’t even support the Keystone Pipeline.”

“Orman may want to hide his extreme liberal beliefs from Kansans, but they see through him. And despite the best efforts of Orman’s fellow Obama donors in Hollywood, Kansas voters will reject Orman on Election Day.”


Top Hollywood Agent Ari Emanuel Donated $2,600 To Orman  

  • Ari Emanuel Bundled Between $100,000 And $200,000 For President Obama’s Re-Election Campaign. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 10/24/14)
  • This Cycle Ari Emanuel Has Donated To Democrat Senate Candidates Alison Grimes, Cory Booker And Jeanne Shaheen. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 10/24/14)
  • Ari’s Brother, Rahm Emanuel, Served As President Obama’s Chief Of Staff. “ABC News has learned that President-elect Obama has offered the White House chief of staff job to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill. Emanuel, a knowledgeable source tells ABC News, has not yet given his answer. The sharp-tongued, sharp-elbowed, keenly intelligent veteran of the Clinton White House is said to have ambitions to some day be Speaker of the House. But he also has a keen sense of ‘duty.’” (“Obama Offers Rahm Emanuel Job Of White House Chief Of Staff,” ABC News , 11/5/08)
  • Ari’s Brother, Ezekiel Emanuel, Served As A Senior Health Care Advisor To President Obama And Helped Craft ObamaCare. “Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a prominent bioethicist at the National Institutes of Health–and the brother of incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel–will serve as a senior counselor at the White House Office of Management and Budget on health policy, two Democratic officials said Thursday. Zeke Emanuel will work closely with Department of Health and Human Services secretary-nominee Tom Daschle to formulate a national health insurance program and to try to curb the swelling cost of health insurance without adversely impacting health care.” (Susan Davis, “Rahm Emanuel’s Brother Joins White House Team,” The Wall Street Journal , 12/18/08)

Orman Loaned $250,000-$500,000 to ROAR and Produced Jeff Goldblum Film 

  • “Orman also has ties to Hollywood: he’s listed as executive producer of Goldblum’s 2006 film “Pittsburgh,” and one of his companies made a loan of $250,000-$500,000 to ROAR, the Hollywood talent management firm run by veteran showbiz executive Bernie Cahill.” (Manu Raju, “Role reversal: Greg Orman’s wealth gives GOP fodder,” Politico, 10/6/14) 

  • The “Pittsburgh” movie trailer listing Greg Orman as an Executive Producer can be viewed: HERE