Topeka, Kan. – The Prairie Village Post reported today that liberal Democrat Greg Orman would join his fellow liberal Democrat Paul Davis and the rest of the Johnson County Democrat ticket on the campaign trail this week.

“Greg Orman is a liberal Democrat backed by the AFL-CIO and financed by George Soros’ family, so it stands to reason that he would join liberal Democrat Paul Davis and the rest of the liberal Democrat ticket,” Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss said. “Orman and Davis are both Obama voters. They are both pro-abortion. They are both pro-amnesty. They both oppose repealing Obamacare, and they are both wrong for Kansas.”

The Prairie Village Post writes that liberal groups including the KNEA, True Blue Women Johnson/Wyandotte County NOW, and Johnson County Democratic Women will hold a “Take Back Kansas Rally.”  On the event’s RSVP website they confirm the featured speakers will be Democrat candidate for Governor Paul Davis, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Jean Schodorf, Democratic Candidate for Congress Kelly Kultala, and their fellow liberal Democrat Greg Orman.