Former Top Enron Executive & Texas Hedge Fund Billionaire Singlehandedly Funds Phony Kansas Front Group

TOPEKA, Kan. – In new filings with the Federal Election Commission, it was revealed for the first time that the driving force behind a pro-Orman Super PAC that purports to be from Kansas, is almost single-handedly funded by a liberal Texas hedge billionaire and former top Enron executive. 

The front group "Kansans Want Problem Solvers” has been funded in large part by a single $500,000 donation from Houston hedge fund billionaire and mega-Democrat Party donor John Arnold. In addition to Arnold, the only other donor to this phony front group was another Wall Street investor based in North Carolina. This revelation is just the latest in a growing line of liberal billionaires flooding Kansas with out-of-state money on Orman’s behalf, including money from the son of liberal New York City billionaire George Soros. 

"Clearly, liberal billionaires and top Obama donors from around the country know a lot more about the real Greg Orman than he’s been willing to share with the voters of Kansas,” Roberts for Senate Campaign manager Corry Bliss said today. “From Orman’s friends in the Soros family to a Texas billionaire who made a fortune at Enron, liberal billionaires want Greg Orman in the Senate because they know he will be a loyal rubber-stamp for their friends Barack Obama and Harry Reid. This is just the latest reminder that voters can’t trust Orman because he’s clearly telling his liberal billionaire friends one thing behind closed doors while refusing to shoot straight with Kansans.”


  • “Kansans Want Problem Solvers” reported $591,621 COH as of October 15th and contributing the vast majority of that ($500,000) was Houston hedge fund billionaire, and top Democratic donor, John Arnold. (Kansans Want Problem Solvers, 2014 Pre-General Report, Filed 10/22/14)

Who is John Arnold? 

  • A Major Democrat Donor: 
    • Arnold Donated $9,600 To Barack Obama’s Campaigns. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 10/23/14)

    • Arnold Has Donated $85,500 To The DNC. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 10/23/14)

    • Arnold Has Donated $58,900 To The DSCC. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 10/23/14)?

    • “They are not on the political right - they have donated significant amounts to the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee - and they do not seemed concerned about preservation of their wealth.” (Mike Tolson, “Houston Billionaire Trader John Arnold Retiring At 38,” The Houston Chronicle, 5/3/12)
  • A Former Top Enron Executive:
    • “Houston hedge fund manager John Arnold, a major force behind Enron’s once-mighty energy trading operation and one of the city's richest men, has decided to retire — at 38. … Arnold made his name at Enron, where he was the star trader in a field where his company was the acknowledged leader. He had a reputation for placing large, smart bets that netted him and Enron huge profits. It was said that he received the largest bonus Enron ever bestowed on an employee.” (Mike Tolson, “Houston Billionaire Trader John Arnold Retiring At 38,” The Houston Chronicle, 5/3/12)