TOPEKA, Kan. – The Roberts for Senate campaign today released a new radio ad titled "The More You Know." To listen the ad, click here.

"The More You Know" features a conversation happening between voters across the state. 

"To some Kansas voters, Greg Orman’s campaign sounded pretty good at first, but the more Kansans learn more about Greg Orman the more skeptical they become," Roberts campaign manager Corry Bliss said. "Kansans now understand that Greg Orman is a liberal Democrat and a dishonest businessman, and the millions of dollars Greg Orman has spent on misleading ads won’t change that.

"Greg Orman would be just another vote for Barack Obama, and, if elected, he would be downright embarrassing for Kansas. Orman would support Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-Obamacare liberal agenda. Kansas voters just can’t trust Greg Orman to represent their values."

"The More You Know" begins airing statewide today. You can listen to the new ad by clicking HERE .

You can read the transcript of the ad below:

Laura: How about this campaign for Senate?

Alison: A lot going on. But I’m finally getting some clarity.

Laura: Yeah. At first, this new guy, the supposed Independent, Greg Orman, sounded good. But the more I’ve learned, the more skeptical I’ve become.

Alison: Me too. Orman seems to be actively hiding where he stands on the issues.

Laura: Exactly. When his record clearly shows he’s liberal on the issues and totally supports Obama’s agenda.

Alison: And now there are all these questions about Orman’s business background?

Laura: Sounds like Orman runs with some pretty sleazy people. Including convicted felons!?

Alison: Yeah. Pat Roberts isn’t perfect. But at least I know where he stands. With Greg Orman, the more I learn, the more Orman seems like a VERY risky choice.

Laura: Greg Orman could be downright embarrassing for Kansas.

Alison: Agree. That’s why I’m sticking with Pat Roberts.

Senator Pat Roberts: I’m Pat Roberts, running for U.S. Senate, and I approve this message.

Narrator: Paid for by Roberts for Senate.