Topeka, Kan. – Tonight, minutes after liberal Democrat Greg Orman finishes a campaign speech at Combat Brands, a company he owns that is being sued for $30 million, former Democratic Congressman Chet Atkins will host a fundraiser in Cambridge on Orman's behalf.

No, not Cambridge, Kansas in Cowley County – the fundraiser will be in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the home of a former liberal Democratic Congressman who was run out of Washington after bouncing 127 checks in the infamous House bank scandal.  Not coincidentally, Cambridge, Massachusetts is also the home base of the liberal MayDay super PAC that is spending over a million dollars on Orman’s behalf with an ad featuring a registered Democratic voter who claims to be a Republican. 

“If Kansans want to see who Greg Orman will stand with if elected to the Senate, they don’t need to look any further than to see who is raising money for him.” Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss said today.  “Just last week, Orman held a fundraiser in New York hosted by the family of liberal billionaire George Soros. Tonight he is raising money at the home of a former Democratic Congressman who abused the public trust and bounced 127 checks in the House bank scandal. 

"President Obama’s donors are backing Greg Orman because they know he will back Obama if elected.  And instead of changing Washington as he claims, Orman will be just a rubber-stamp for the failed policies of Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Tonight is just another reminder that Kansans can’t trust Greg Orman because he’s not who he claims to be.” 

As the Washington Examiner reported recently:

  • He’s belittled Washington’s ways during his campaign to beat long-serving Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, but independent Greg Orman will look like a card-carrying member of the club when he travels to Boston this month for a fundraiser hosted by a former congressman run out of town for bouncing checks.

The Examiner further reports that Orman will also be feted by other top Democratic donors from Massachusetts, including one who was recently appointed by President Obama to a key Administration post. 

Background: Meet Greg Orman’s Massachusetts’ Financial Backers

Former Congressman Chet Atkins:

  • Atkins was a Democratic member of Congress from 1985-1993. His career ended after it was revealed that he bounced 127 checks. U.S. Rep. Chester G. Atkins is struggling to hang on against an aggressive Democratic foe, while a businessman slugs it out with an old pol for the GOP nomination in the 5th Congressional District. Atkins (D-Concord), seeking re-election to a fifth term, is facing the toughest political campaign of his career as opponent Martin T. Meehan hammers him for his abuse of congressional perks… Damaged by revelations that he bounced 127 checks at the House bank, Atkins, 44, is airing radio ads in the final days admitting he's "not perfect.".. Meehan raps Atkins for taking special-interest money, abusing taxpayer-funded congressional mail, trying to cut the Merrimack Valley out of the district and voting himself a pay raise. (Boston Herald, September 13, 1992)

Bob Glovsky:

  • In 2014, President Obama appointed Glovsky to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans, a “key Administration post,” according to the White House press release. (White House, Press Release, March 11, 2014)

Jessica Stern: