Orman to Sell "College Affordability" a Year After Trying to Raid Child's College Savings

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Pat Roberts for Senate campaign today blasted liberal Democrat Greg Orman's "hypocrisy" for unveiling a "college affordability plan" after court documents revealed he tried to raid a child's college savings just last year.

“We’re used to hypocrisy from liberal Democrat Greg Orman," said Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss. "He claims to be independent, yet he’s pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-Obamacare, and donated thousands to Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and the Kansas Democratic Party. He even held a fundraiser with the family of liberal billionaire George Soros and is endorsed by the Obama-loving AFL-CIO, the largest Big Labor union in the country. His small business 'plan' ignores his own history of layoffs, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and tax evasion. He says he stands up for Kansas, yet his own campaign mocked Senator Roberts for blocking President Obama’s attempt to move Gitmo terrorists to Kansas.

“Today, however, Orman hits a new low. He will talk to KU students about college affordability, even though he tried just last year to raid the college savings of the child of a hardworking single mother just to earn a buck. Orman continues a campaign of deception and hypocrisy. He is wrong on college savings and he is wrong for Kansas.”


  • In 2013, Orman was sued by businesswoman Jennifer Hopkins for wanton conduct, fraud and malice. During the court proceedings, a lawyer for Orman’s business interest in the case defended Orman’s attempt to garnish money from the college funds of Hopkins’ children. 
  • Hopkins’ accusation against Orman:

(Johnson County Civil Court, Case 13CV02070, Filed March 20, 2013)

  •  Admission of accusation by the lawyer for Design X Studios LLC:

(Johnson County Civil Court, Case 13CV02070, Filed May 9, 2013)
  • Recently, Politico reported on Orman’s attempt to garnish money from the college funds of Hopkins’ children. [Kansas businesswoman Jennifer Hopkins] accused Orman of trying to bleed dry her children’s college funds by seeking to withhold money into her bank accounts, according to court documents. Hopkins alleged that Orman had been “harassing” her colleague and violated an attorney-client privilege. “Since July 2012, if not earlier, Greg Orman has attempted to strong-arm Jennifer Hopkins,” Hopkins’ attorney, Robert Flynn, alleged in a March 2013 court document. “If Ms. Hopkins didn’t agree to cut Orman into the deal, Orman threatened that he could delay the distribution of litigation proceeds, thereby causing Ms. Hopkins to incur financial damages.” (Politico, October 6, 2014)