Topeka, Kan. – Late last week, Greg Orman’s campaign sent out an invitation to a fundraiser in New York, hosted by the son of liberal billionaire George Soros. The invitation listed the date as “Wednesday, October 16th, 2014.” October 16th is a Thursday, and the final U.S. Senate debate between Senator Roberts and Greg Orman is Wednesday, October 15th. A copy of the invitation is below: 

Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss today asked the Greg Orman campaign to confirm Mr. Orman’s attendance at Wednesday’s debate:

“Greg Orman continues to hide the truth when it comes to his donors, his business dealings, his positions on issues, and even his party affiliation,” said Roberts campaign manager Corry Bliss. “He claims to be independent, yet he is pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, and is against appealing Obamacare. He claims to oppose big money in politics, yet he has sought out the wealthiest Obama donors in America to save his campaign.

“Where is Greg Orman going to be tomorrow night? Is he going to attend a public debate with Senator Roberts to discuss issues important to Kansans? Or is he going to take a private jet to New York to attend a maximum contribution fundraiser hosted by Obama donors?”