New Ad From Obama “Fanboy” PAC Has Registered Democrat Posing As A Republican

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Pat Roberts for Senate campaign today called on Democrat Greg Orman and his liberal friends at the Mayday Super PAC to seek the removal of a misleading TV ad that is blanketing the Kansas airwaves. 

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based PAC founded by a liberal Harvard Professor is now spending over $1 million on an ad featuring Nancy Moffitt of Overland Park who claims in the ad to have been a lifelong Republican who is no longer supporting Senator Roberts.  In fact, as the Powerline blog reported last night, Moffitt is a registered Democrat who has been voting in Democratic primaries for a number of years. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, Orman will actually be campaigning in Cambridge, Massachusetts tomorrow where he’s set to raise money at the home of a former liberal Democratic Congressman who was run out of Washington after bouncing 127 checks in the infamous House bank scandal.

“It’s no surprise that liberal Democrats are backing Greg Orman because of his support for President Obama, but the lengths to which they’re trying to mislead Kansans is really disgraceful,” Roberts for Senate Campaign Manager Corry Bliss.  “Greg Orman should condemn this very misleading ad by his Super PAC friends from Massachusetts and call for its immediate removal from the airwaves.”

As the Roberts campaign also pointed out recently, what’s equally remarkable about Mayday PAC’s new ad is its desperate attempt to tie Senator Pat Roberts to Wall Street, while backing a candidate in Orman who has made millions of dollars through his business partnership with a convicted Wall Street criminal.  


  • Orman’s two most prominent business partners have a history of run-ins with the SEC.Despite Orman’s best efforts [hundreds of hours crafting legal defense, leaking documents, and playing a part in a last-ditch legal strategy] to keep his business partner Rajat Gupta out of prison, he is serving time for insider trading. And when the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on Arthur Petrie’s failures - including run-ins with the SEC - Orman touted his business partner’s savvy. (; Star Tribune, January 7, 2000 )
  • Orman is still in business with an imprisoned Wall Street criminal. After Rajat Gupta was convicted, he hand-picked Orman - his personal financial advisor - to serve as 1 of 2 board members of his Cayman Islands-based $1.2 billion private equity fund. According to an SEC report from 2013, Orman served as a director and also as an indirect owner of the fund alongside the convicted Gupta. Moreover, Orman signed a business filing this year that showed him and Gupta as co-owners of a wealth management firm in Kansas [Exemplar Wealth Management LLC] – the same firm that keeps the books for Gupta’s foundation.  (; Star Tribune, January 7, 2000 )
  • Prior to Gupta’s 2012 trial, Orman testified before a grand jury. To date, he has refused to turn over his sealed testimony. [Orman] was listed as a defense witness in Gupta’s subsequent criminal trial. Records of Orman’s testimony to a grand jury have been sealed. “He testified before the grand jury,” said Jonas, Orman’s campaign manager, “but Greg didn’t know anything about Gupta’s criminal activity.” (Topeka Capital-Journal, September 21, 2014) 

Mayday PAC Was Founded By Liberal Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig

Mayday PAC Was Founded By Liberal Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig. (Mayday PAC Website,, Accessed 10/14/14)

Lessig Is An “Obama-Fanboy” Who Thought Obama 
Was Going To Be “The Greatest President Of All Time”

Lessig Is A Self-Described “Obama-Fanboy.” “So, first: I was, from the start, an Obama-fanboy. I was in 2004 (when I wrongly predicted he’d run (for the first time) in 2012). I was in 2007 (when I was urged by friends not to alienate the Clinton campaign by coming out for someone who could not possibly win).” (Lawrence Lessig, “On ‘Loving’ Barack Obama,” Lessig Blog, V2, Posted 3/1/12)

Lessig Said He Was Convinced That Obama “Was Going To Be The Greatest President Of All Time.” “When he did win, I was convinced that he was going to be the greatest President of our time. I believed then, and still do now, that he might be the only politician in America who could rally America to the change we need.” (Lawrence Lessig, “On ‘Loving’ Barack Obama,” Lessig Blog, V2, Posted 3/1/12) 

Mayday PAC Has Almost Exclusively Supported Democratic Candidates

Mayday PAC Has Supported A Democratic Senate Candidate In South Dakota, Two Democratic House Candidates, And A Republican Primary Challenger To Scott Brown. “Lessig actually featured himself doing the voiceovers in its highest-profile ad campaign to date — in support of Jim Rubens’ long-shot campaign for New Hampshire’s Republican Senate nomination. … The group is currently airing ads against a pair of Republican congressional candidates — Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, who it’s attacking for taking money from insurance and drug companies, and David Young of Iowa, who it accuses of trying to weaken Medicare. And Mayday last week made a big splash by committing $1 million to support Democrat Rick Weiland’s surging campaign in South Dakota’s three-way Senate race. Mayday went up with an ad praising Weiland as a small-business owner working to reduce the influence of ‘big money that controls our democracy.’” (Kenneth P. Vogel, “Anti-Big Money Super PAC Reels In Big Money,” Politico , 10/15/14) 

Mayday PAC Raised Nearly Half Of Its Money From Five Wealthy Mega Donors

Mayday PAC Raised Nearly Half Of Its Money From Five Wealthy Mega Donors. “Mayday PAC, the self-styled anti-super PAC super PAC fighting big money in politics, raised $1.5 million since mid-August, with $650,000 coming from just five super-rich donors. Former children’s shoe mogul Arnold Hiatt, a major liberal donor who has championed campaign finance reform, wrote the biggest check — $250,000 — to Mayday PAC, according to a report filed Wednesday afternoon with the Federal Election Commission, covering Aug. 21 through the end of last month. During that span, the PAC also received $100,000 donations from BuzzFeed co-founder John Johnson, Twitter and Tumblr investor Fred Wilson, green energy executive David Milner and Ian Simmons, the husband of Hyatt hotel heiress Liesel Pritzker Simmons.” (Kenneth P. Vogel, “Anti-Big Money Super PAC Reels In Big Money,” Politico , 10/15/14)