TOPEKA, Kan. – Corry Bliss, campaign manager for Pat Roberts for Senate, released the following statement today on Greg Orman's new ad touting "Republicans for Orman":

"It is no surprise that Sandy Praeger would support Greg Orman. Praeger and Orman are both pro-abortion. They are both pro-gun control, and they both oppose repealing Obamacare.

"On the same day Greg Orman announced a new ad called 'Republicans for Orman,' he also announced a fundraiser hosted by the son of liberal billionaire George Soros. He brought in Democratic staffers from Washington to run his campaign. He donated tens of thousands to Democrats, including Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton. He ran as a Democrat in 2008. He supports Obamacare, amnesty, and restrictions on gun rights. And his campaign mocked Senator Roberts for standing up to Barack Obama's attempt to deliver Gitmo terrorists to Kansas.

"Greg Orman is a liberal Democrat through and through. 'Republicans for Orman' is nothing but a sham and an attempt to dupe Kansas voters." 

The ad features retiring Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, who has been described as the "biggest cheerleader" for Obamacare in Kansas.

Background on Orman:

Background on Praeger:

  • Praeger recently endorsed a Democrat to succeed her, and she is pro-ObamaCare, pro-choice and pro-gun control.
  • Praeger Is The “Biggest Cheerleader” For ObamaCare In Kansas. “When it comes to Obamacare, she is perhaps Kansas' biggest cheerleader for a program that is roundly despised in many pockets of the state. Praeger insists that the governor of her own party, Sam Brownback, is leading Kansas down a precarious financial path. She talks openly of backing someone else for governor next year while clinging to an abiding belief that someday, somehow, Kansans will come to regret their tilt to the right.” (Steve Kraske, “Insurance Commissioner Says She No Longer Fits In GOP,” Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/25/13)
  • Praeger Is Pro-Choice, And Supports Gun Control. “Now 68 and in her final term as insurance commissioner, Praeger favors abortion rights and gun control in a state that has squished both like a bug underfoot.” (Steve Kraske, “Insurance Commissioner Says She No Longer Fits In GOP,” Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/25/13)

Background on Soros:

  • Orman’s New York City fundraiser is headlined by Jonathan Soros, the son of liberal billionaire George Soros who like Orman’s business partner Rajat Gupta, was also convicted of insider trading.  As the Washington Free Beacon reports this morning, the younger Soros has not only donated $3.7 million to liberal Democratic candidates and causes, he’s also “a highly active member of the secretive Democracy Alliance, a hub of Democratic fundraising.”
  • The Free Beacon further reports:  The fundraising consultancy managing the event, the Katz Watson Group, represents a who’s-who of Democratic organizations and individuals, including the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee.
  • In 2002, Soros Was Convicted Of Insider Trading After A Court Found That He Had Bought And Sold Shares Of A French Bank With The Knowledge The Bank Might Be A Takeover Target. “Mr. Soros, 81, was convicted of insider trading in 2002 by a French appeals court and fined 2.2 million euros - the equivalent of what he was accused of making - after a Paris court found that he had bought and sold shares of Societe Generale in 1988 with the knowledge that the bank might be a takeover target. Two co-defendants, one of them a former senior official of the French Finance Ministry, were acquitted.” (Nicola Clark, “Soros Loses A Challenge To A Verdict On Trading,” The New York Times, 10/7/11)
  • In 2005, The Paris Appeals Court Upheld Soros’ Insider Trading Conviction, And Confirmed The Order That Required Soros To Pay Back $2.9 Million In Gains. “In 2005, the Paris appeals court upheld an initial ruling from 2002 that Mr. Soros had broken insider trading laws by purchasing shares of Societe Generale knowing that a group of investors was buying shares in the bank. Because of the years it took to bring the case, prosecutors only sought the minimum fine and did not seek restrictions on Mr. Soros's activities in France. The appeals court also confirmed an earlier order that Mr. Soros should pay back 2.2 million, or $2.9 million at current exchange rates, in gains. The fine was later reduced. In 2006, the Cour de Cassation upheld the conviction but quashed the fine, saying the courts had not distinguished between shares bought in Paris and in London, which fell outside their jurisdiction.” (Matthew Saltmarsh, “Soros To Get A Day In Court Over Insider Trading Case,” The New York Times, 9/16/10)
  • In 2011, Soros Lost His Final Challenge To His Conviction When Europe’s Highest Human Rights Court Rules Rejected Soros’ Complaint. “George Soros, known as one of the world's savviest investors, should have realized that he risked violating insider trading laws when he pocketed more than $3 million from dealing in shares of the French bank Societe Generale two decades ago, Europe's highest human rights court ruled on Thursday.” (Nicola Clark, “Soros Loses A Challenge To A Verdict On Trading,” The New York Times, 10/7/11)