TOPEKA, Kan. – Corry Bliss, Campaign Manager for the Roberts for Senate campaign, issued the following statement recapping the last week for the two candidates for U.S. Senate:

"Last week, Senator Roberts was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business; he decisively won Wednesday's debate against liberal Democrat Greg Orman; he took the lead in two polls; he was joined by Senators Cruz, Coburn, and Moran on his four-day Statewide Bus Tour; and he made it clear he would do whatever it takes  – including shutdown the Senate – to prevent Gitmo terrorists from coming to Kansas.

"On the other hand, Greg Orman was blasted for seeking help from liberal billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Jonathan Sorros; he organized a fundraiser in Boston with a former Congressman who was run out of town for bouncing checks; he again failed to answer simple questions about which party he would caucus with if elected; he embraced Obamacare, amnesty, and restrictions on 2nd amendment rights in a public debate with the Senator; and his campaign spokesperson mocked Senator Roberts for standing up to President Obama's attempt to bring Gitmo terrorists to Kansas." 

"Last week clearly showed that one candidate cares deeply about the issues Kansans care about, and the other is a liberal Democrat who is trying to deceive Kansas voters."

Last week's stories about Senator Roberts:

Kansas City Star – US Chamber, Sen. Cruz to Kansas to boost Roberts 
"The race is fundamentally about which candidate is best positioned to support the business community," Engstrom said, noting that Roberts has a 92 percent rating with the group.

Townhall – A Memo To Kansas Voters And Those Who Know Them 
Roberts actually knows about ISIS, has pushed for stronger actions to stop them. He cares about the military and the defense of the country. He will also vote to put the control of the Senate's agenda in Mitch McConnell's capable hands.

Associated Press – In debate, Roberts says Orman is a ‘Democrat in disguise’ 
Three-term GOP Sen. Pat Roberts on Wednesday insisted during a contentious debate that his stronger-than-expected independent opponent is a liberal Democrat in disguise.

The Hill – Two polls show Roberts up in Kansas 
Two new polls show Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) with a narrow lead over his wealthy independent challenger, giving Republicans a fresh shot of hope in Kansas.

KAKE – Cruz helping Kansas Senator Roberts launch bus tour in Wichita 
"A year ago last week when I was standing on the Senate floor filibustering on ObamaCare, Pat Roberts was one of a handful of senators who came down and stood by my side and said ObamaCare is a disaster and we've got to stop it," said Cruz.

Emporia Gazette – Roberts threatens Senate shutdown if Obama signs GITMO executive order 
“I tell you what — if this President has an executive order to bring terrorists to the United States, I will shut down the Senate,” Roberts said. “This is utterly ridiculous — the American people aren’t going to stand for it, and I can tell you that I will do whatever is necessary to stop this.”

Last week's stories about Greg Orman:

Washington Examiner – Orman to raise money in Boston with former House check bouncer 
He’s belittled Washington’s ways during his campaign to beat long-serving Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, but independent Greg Orman will look like a card-carrying member of the club when he travels to Boston this month for a fundraiser hosted by a former congressman run out of town for bouncing checks.

Politico – Billionaires for Greg Orman 
While he needs the support, the arrival of the big-money cavalry might be something of a mixed blessing for Orman. Not only could it provide fodder for Republicans who have sought to make an issue of his wealth, it could also be used to raise doubts about his opposition to big money in politics.

Washington Examiner – As Greg Orman struggles over Senate questions, has Pat Roberts pulled ahead in Kansas? 
The new numbers came just a few hours after Roberts and Orman met Wednesday afternoon in a debate in this Kansas City suburb. The session covered the economy, energy, transportation, taxes, entitlements, and a number of other topics. But Orman made news by outlining an almost fantastical, removed-from-reality vision of how he hopes the United States Senate might work, were he elected to it.

Daily Caller –  Orman Spokesman: ‘Kind Of Dumb Of Me’ To Criticize Senator’s Gitmo Stance 
The campaign spokesman for Greg Orman, the independent running for the U.S. Senate in Kansas, says it was “kind of dumb” of him to send out a tweet calling Republican incumbent Pat Roberts part of the “bedwetter’s caucus” over his opposition to a plan to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to prisons on U.S. soil.

Townhall – What Greg Orman Actually Believes: ¯\_(?)_/¯ 
It will remain to be seen if Orman can continue to be aggressively vague when it comes to actual political issues rather than relying on an outsider-ish image.

LJ World – Kansas voters must consider candidates’ Obama ties 
Kansas should have far more confidence in incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts than in challenger Greg Orman to reflect the views and values of Kansas. Orman launched a brief run as a Democrat against Roberts in the 2008 Senate election, but withdrew when he realized he didn’t have a chance of winning.