TOPEKA, Kan. – The Roberts for Senate Campaign today is sending a voter alert to more than 1,000,000 Kansans after Greg Orman attacked Senator Bob Dole by referring to him as a “Washington establishment clown.”

"Senator Bob Dole is a Kansas legend and American hero — it’s outrageous that liberal Democrat Greg Orman would mock him,” Sen. Pat Roberts said. “Mr. Orman’s thoughtless name calling in the final days of this campaign proves he isn’t fit to represent Kansas in the United States Senate.”

The Roberts Campaign is providing a public service call today to inform more than 1,000,000 Kansas voters about liberal Democrat Greg Orman’s attack on Senator Dole and other Republicans.

You can listen to the statewide call here, and read the transcript here: 

“This is a voter alert. Few individuals have done more for Kansas and this country than Senator Bob Dole.

But yesterday Greg Orman attacked Bob Dole and called him a clown.  Why? Because Bob Dole has been crisscrossing Kansas in support of his friend Senator Pat Roberts. And Greg Orman doesn’t like that. 

Greg Orman is finally showing Kansans his true colors.  He is pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-Obamacare and he doesn’t respect American heroes like Bob Dole. 

On November 4th, remind Greg Orman that you stand with Bob Dole, Mitt Romney, Bill Graves and many others by voting for Pat Roberts for US Senate.