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February 26, 2014

Roberts for Senate Releases Television Ad, "Alarming"

Topeka, KS – Pat Roberts for Senate today released a television advertisement called “Alarming," highlighting the explosive story in the Topeka Capital-Journal uncovering Dr. Milton Wolf's habit of posting gruesome patient images to the internet. The 30-second television ad will air statewide.

Dr. Wolf did not simply post these grisly images, however, he delighted in public forums relentlessly poking fun at his dead and wounded patients. Wolf ranked his favorite gun shot wounds, speculated on the motives of the assailants, and even remarked on the “beauty” of a gun shot victim with their head “broken apart like smashed pumpkin,” comparing it to a “blooming flower.”

Wolf’s disregard for human dignity and patient privacy demonstrate not only bad taste, but remarkably bad judgment.

If Milton Wolf is so irresponsible as a doctor, how could he possibly be trusted as a U.S. Senator?

To view the new television ad, click here:  "Alarming"

Excerpts from the ad:

  • “Dr. Milton Wolf’s patients trusted him, but stunning news reports show that Wolf exposed private patient X-rays and other personal information on Facebook — where Wolf relentlessly poked fun at the dead or wounded.”
  • “A Kansas City medical ethics expert called Wolf’s behavior ‘beyond alarming’ for a professional in the field of medicine.”
  • “If Milton Wolf is so irresponsible as a doctor how can he possibly be trusted as a U.S. senator?”