Wolf relying on non-Kansans to influence Kansas voters

The Roberts for Senate campaign today began airing “Yellow Rose,” a 60-second radio spot that reveals Milton Wolf’s startling lack of financial support from Kansas. The spot is running in major Kansas radio markets.

Wolf’s latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) report listing 147 contributions from individuals shows only 29 individual contributions from Kansas. There are 36 individual contributions from Texas residents listed. The rest are from other states.

Additionally, Wolf’s biggest support comes from Washington, D.C. groups that do not know or understand Kansas.

That means he has to rely on non-kansans to influence Kansas Republicans.

Wolf is a candidate who has failed to gain even an ounce of traction in Kansas. He wants Kansas Republicans to believe he has gained momentum, but the facts clearly show his campaign is dead in the water. His FEC report shows he was able to raise only $238,120.79. and he was forced to loan himself $30,000.

Even that did not rescue his faltering campaign. Wolf’s position is so desperate, in fact, that he has resorted to using a liberal New York Times article in false negative attacks on Senator Roberts.

That’s about as far from Kansas values as you can get.

Senator Roberts is a tough, tested and trusted conservative who is known throughout Kansas for his hard work on behalf of the state. He has contributions from every county and strong endorsements from all statewide GOP officials. Additionally, he is supported by 31 Republican state senators and 79 representatives and has been endorsed by numerous conservative activists and groups, both in Kansas and nationally. Senator Roberts is rated as the 5th most conservative Senator by Heritage Action. The respected National Journal rates him the 8th most conservative Senator.

Listen to the new ad here:  http://robertsforsenate.com/index.cfm?p=audio