- The Contrast is Clear

TO:          All Media

FROM:     Leroy Towns, Campaign Manager, Roberts for Senate

DATE:      June 24, 2014

With the Kansas Republican primary for U.S. Senate just over a month away, candidate Milton Wolf faces increasing questions about his faltering campaign and about his fitness for one of the highest offices in the land.

Kansans are concerned about his bizarre behavior and about his lapses of medical ethics that have embarrassed not only Republicans, but also the state as a whole. Increasingly, the question being asked is “Can Milton Wolf sustain any kind of campaign and should he be trusted with the office he seeks?”

The short answer is that his ethical problems have discredited his campaign. He is a failed candidate who has lost any chance to win the trust of Kansas voters.

Kansas Democrats, along with a well-financed liberal independent candidate, want Wolf to win because they know they can beat him badly in November. They are working toward that goal.

I have attached a memo that details why Milton cannot win, should not win and will not win the Kansas primary August 5.

Roberts for Senate will continue waging an aggressive campaign:

  • On the Senator’s strong record as a tough, tested and trusted conservative who has high approval across the state.
  • On the ethical and other problems that make Milton Wolf unacceptable and unelectable.


The Contrast Is Clear in the Kansas U.S. Senate primary:
Milton Wolf is a damaged, discredited candidate

In the Media:


“But his campaign hit the skids earlier this year when it was revealed that Wolf, a medical doctor, posted x-rays and other images of deceased individuals on his Facebook page, along with crude, morbid jokes.”

Kansas City Star

“Roberts votes so consistently conservative that his opponent, Milton Wolf, has struggled to make a case before the August primary.”


“In Kansas, Sen. Pat Roberts has watched a primary challenge from physician Milton Wolf falter and fizzle after revelations that Wolf posted images of X-rayed gunshot victims on his Facebook page.”

Manhattan Mercury

“Will Wolf topple U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts in the Republican primary election in August? We’re inclined to doubt it, and we have plenty of company.”


“Kansas – Milton Wolf (outsider), who posted X-rays of gunshot victims online, doesn’t seem likely to overcome Sen. Pat Roberts...”

Salina Journal

“Wolf's tea party status hardly works against Roberts, who's about as conservative as they come…What we want is an honest, hard-working person who looks out for the interests of the state and the country. At this point, we don't see Wolf as an upgrade.”


“Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas also appears well-positioned against physician Milton Wolf.”

Kansas City Star

“Everyone knows Milton Wolf can’t beat incumbent U.S. Senator Pat Roberts in the Republican Kansas primary in August.

“Roberts knows it; his polling likely shows him way up on Wolf.

“The media pundits know it; they aren’t giving him any chance of winning.”

For more on what the media have been reporting about the ethical problems of Milton Wolf.


Milton Wolf isn’t ready for Prime Time. That’s why Democrats are working so hard to get Milton Wolf nominated.

Milton Wolf faces huge ethical problems in his medical practice.

  • He posted private x-rays and other private patient information on his Facebook page. In comments on his page, he mocked the dead and wounded in bizarre comments that many have described as “creepy” and “gruesome.”
  • Before running for office, he thought he had covered-up the x-ray posts so that no one would know what he had done, but clearly that was unsuccessful. He has offered multiple and conflicting explanations for his posts, none of which make sense.
  • One national TV Show, THE DOCTORS, reported on the Wolf Facebook posts and quoted impartial doctors as saying of Wolf, “he’s sick” and “he needs counseling.”
  • Wolf’s medical practice is in the middle of a lawsuit alleging price gouging.
  • While complaints before the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts are not public, there are strong indications that multiple complaints were filed against Wolf after news reports of his posting patient x-rays on Facebook. The board hears disciplinary cases against medical professionals. Any decision by the board would be made after the Aug. 5 primary.
  • While Wolf has attempted to erase damaging content from his Facebook site, it is possible—even likely—other posts could surface and damage him further.
  • A 30-second TV ad, “ Alarming,” aired by the Roberts Campaign, has shown to be very effective and extremely damaging to Wolf among the limited cable audiences that have seen it so far. The campaign has the resources to deliver this ad statewide and is prepared to do so.

Milton Wolf refuses to answer questions about his past.

  • Internet records, which he thought were long ago buried, have shed light on an Internet pill business he owned. This information does not appear on any version of his biography. Why not?
  • It appears that Wolf touted Internet supplements as an MD – but before he had a medical license to practice medicine. We question someone who appears to be one thing, but presents himself as another.
  • The materials on the Internet company would make any consumer believe that Dr. Wolf was licensed to practice medicine and dispense medical advice. He was not licensed at that time. Recently, reporters have tried to clarify the situation. Wolf and his campaign staff have stonewalled and refused to answer the questions. Why?
  • Wolf refuses to answer ANY questions about his Internet business based in Texas or how it ended. Legal documents reveal the company’s license was revoked.
  • Wolf will not say why he was promoting health and nutritional advice when that was not his trained specialty in medical school.

Milton Wolf lacks the resources to run an effective campaign.

  • As of March 30, Wolf reported cash on hand of only $277,826.
  • Senator Roberts reported first quarter cash on hand of $2.25 million.
  • That huge funding gap will only widen after a very strong fundraising effort by Senator Roberts in the second quarter.

Milton Wolf claims grassroots support in Kansas.

  • Yet, only about 18 percent of his contributors are from Kansas. Most are from other states, especially Texas.
  • A recent straw poll of conservative Republicans in his home county was won by Senator Roberts, 70 percent to 30 percent.
  • If Milton Wolf cannot win with conservative voters in his own county, he cannot hope to win statewide.

Milton Wolf has gone to great lengths to “remake” himself into a candidate. But the facts have not changed. He’s saddled with ethical issues at all turns. He cannot be trusted to tell the truth; he evades answering key questions about his past and speaks only in soaring sound bites.  He has never been thoroughly vetted.

What we do know should discredit him from one of the highest offices in the country.

Milton Wolf is just like his cousin – he has no experience and you can’t trust what he says. Like his cousin he is unvetted and untested. We don’t need to send another Obama to Washington.

By Contrast:

  • Senator Pat Roberts is the tough, tested and trusted conservative in this race.
  • He is a U.S. Marine and believes in fighting for our Constitutional rights
  • He’s a Kansan who has dedicated his life’s work to the state
  • Questions about his residency, false from the start, have been tossed out by unanimous vote of a State Elections Board, which declared Senator Roberts a Kansas resident eligible to appear on the ballot.
  • Pat’s record is clear: cut spending, lower taxes, fight regulation; repeal Obamacare; oppose amnesty; protect the Constitution
  • He’s got strong local support from all 105 counties
  • More than 3,300 individual Kansas donors’ have contributed to his campaign this election cycle.
  • He’s endorsed by the American Conservative Union (ACU)
  • He is among the four most conservative Senators in the U.S. Senate, according to Heritage Action
  • Well-respected grassroots organizations representing thousands of Kansans have endorsed Pat Roberts including:

»      Kansans for Life

»     Kansas State Rifle Association

»     Kansas Farm Bureau

»     NRA

»     National Right to Life

»     National Federation of Independent Business

»     Chamber of Commerce

»     Council of Black Republicans

»     The vast majority of the Kansas GOP state legislature

»     Every member of the Kansas congressional delegation

»     Every statewide elected leader on the 2014 ballot

»     Major leading conservative activists in the state and nationally