Pat Roberts Wins 2014 Kansas Primary,
Continues Fight Against Liberal Agenda

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Pat Roberts today earns the support of Kansas Conservative voters in the 2014 Kansas primary election and will carry this momentum into the campaign for the general election.

The following are Senator Roberts’ remarks as prepared for delivery:

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“Something big is happening in Kansas! Something REALLY big is happening in Kanas!

“This was a Kansas election, decided by Kansas Republicans. Tonight we reaffirmed what we all knew: We are Kansas-loving, conservative Republicans. And we are in charge of our own future.

“Friends, I am humbled tonight to be in this room with so many who worked so hard for this victory. First, let me introduce my family:

“My wife Franki and my children, and my grandson Miles.

“I think all of you here tonight will understand when I say…Family first! I am so grateful for the love and support of this Roberts bunch.

“They keep me going and they are the reason I keep going.

“I am so proud of an outstanding and hardworking campaign team. We knew that when we started on this job nearly a year ago it would not be easy. My posse did not flinch. Not even those times when their candidate—me—stepped on his message!

“We wrapped up a grassroots effort today that in just over three weeks reached more than 200,000 Kansas GOP households through live telephone calls and door knocks, most multiple times.  If there was a key to our victory, that was it.

“I am not going to even try to thank all of you here tonight who worked so hard for this victory. Thank you for being willing to ride with a Dodge City cowboy, and thank you for your courage on the front lines when the opposition lobbed grenades at you personally.

“We celebrate in Overland Park tonight, but my heart is also in Dodge City, Topeka, Wichita and hundreds of other communities around Kansas—communities I have been in dozens of times over the years. I will be back to see you and thank you folks personally in the next few weeks. We just finished one and we are starting another 105 county tour.

“Friends, we celebrate tonight, but we have another job starting first thing tomorrow. That job is to unite Republicans in Kansas behind a common cause. Unity must happen if we are to keep Kansas red. It must happen if we are to defeat the Obama agenda and send Harry Reid packing.

“It must happen if we want to keep our U.S. Senate seat in Republican hands and if we want to continue the solid conservative leadership of Governor Sam Brownback.

“The truth is, Republicans in Kansas and nationally cannot afford the kind of intra-party fratricide we have seen recently. 

“Friends, we cannot afford to waste scarce resources and energy tearing ourselves apart. We cannot afford a fractured party.

“The stakes are too high.

“President Obama continues to press his liberal agenda: more taxes, more government regulation, more control of our everyday lives and pocketbooks.

“Harry Reid and his Senate democrats continue to support President Obama and they continue to block Republicans at every turn.

“We must win this Senate election in Kansas. We must take back control of the U.S. Senate. If we do that Senator Jerry Moran and I will finally have the high ground in our fight to stop the Obama agenda, repeal Obamacare and clean up the mess this president has made of U.S. foreign policy.

“Jerry and I have been in the majority in Congress and we have been in the minority. Believe me when I say it is much better to be in the majority.

“Our freedoms are under assault. Our Constitution is in jeopardy. Kansans are united in their genuine fear for the future of our great nation.

“Now, tonight, we must resolve to be united in our fight to take back freedoms and our government.

“We cannot afford to waste one more precious day. I need the help of every single conservative. Sam needs your help.

“Together, we will change the course our country is on.

“I have said many times on the campaign trail that Marines take the hill. With this victory, we took one hill. Now we have another hill and another challenge.

“Over the last several months, Kansas has been in the national media crosshairs. We fit the narrative they wanted.

“That is likely to continue to November, because with not one but two opponents, I will have the distinction of being the only Senate candidate this year forced to fight TWO liberal Democrats in the general election!

“Come with me. Come with Jerry. Come with Sam and with all the other GOP nominees across the state tonight as we prepare to take another hill in our fight to stop the liberal agenda and misguided path set in Washington.

“Help us replace the Obama way with the Kansas Way.

“Something big is happening in Kansas. Let’s do it together. Thank each and every one of you. God bless.”