TOPEKA, Kan. – The Topeka Capital Journal just reported that Greg Orman has not been honest about his close relationship with jailed Wall Street Criminal, Rajat Gupta.

On Wednesday when first asked, Orman claimed that he had an investment of no more than $50,000 with Gupta. A sum Orman described as a “very, very small investment.” The Capital Journal’s reporting, however, shows the relationship runs much deeper.

After Gupta’s conviction, the felon appointed Orman to be his, “representative on the two-person board of New Silk Route, a Cayman Island-anchored $1.21 billion private equity partnership concentrating on markets in the Middle East, Asia and the Indian subcontinent.”

Orman and Gupta have also been listed as owners of Exemplar Wealth Management, a wealth management company who has handled the affairs for the Gupta Family Foundation, a charitable trust with assets of $646,000.

Mr. Orman’s close personal and business ties to the jailed Wall Street criminal Rajat Gutpa, and Orman’s clear efforts to down play and even cover up that relationship raises a number of questions that need to be asked - and then answered - by Orman himself. 

  • Orman claims that he only has $50,000 invested with Gupta, but how is that possible when Gupta had an estimated personal fortune of more than $100 million and Orman was Gupta’s personal financial advisor on matters related to his personal fortune?
  • How much money does Orman really have invested and how much has he made with the imprisoned Gupta? How much of that money does he plan on spending on the Kansas Senate race? 
  • Why was Orman subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury, and what documents did he have to turn over?
  • Will Orman be willing to unseal his grand jury testimony? If not, what is he hiding?
  • Why did Orman leave the New Silk Route board three months before his Senate run and appoint a campaign employee to run the $1.2 billion company in his place?
  • Will Orman release his earnings from his time as a board member of New Silk Route?

More to come tomorrow