TOPEKA, Kan. – The release of Greg Orman’s personal financial disclosure yesterday raised far more questions than it answered.

Mr. Orman has repeatedly tried to downplay and minimize his close personal and business relationship with jailed Wall Street criminal, Rajat Gupta, but reports of Orman’s numerous dealings with Gupta continue to surface. It is now clear that Gupta is tied to the bulk of Orman's fortune. What is Greg Orman hiding?

We already knew about Gupta and Orman’s ongoing business dealings with Exemplar Wealth Management LLC, and that Orman, who managed Rajat Gupta’s pre-conviction $100 million-plus fortune, was handpicked by Gupta in 2013 to hold his powerful seat on the board of the $1.2 billion Cayman Islands-based New Silk Route private equity fund - a fund set up and established overseas for one purpose: avoiding U.S. Taxes.

But yesterday the Wichita Eagle reported that Gupta also invested in FRM Associates LLC – Mr. Orman’s largest investment in which he has a $5 million to $25 million stake.

Further, public records indicate that this latest Orman-Gupta venture received nearly $10 million in government contracts from from 2003-2012.

The following questions need to be asked - and answered - the question is, will anyone find Greg Orman to get a response?

  • Why does Greg Orman refuse to be honest with Kansans about his relationship with the Wall Street felon Rajat Gupta?
  • What is Greg Orman trying to hide as he falsely insists there is only a small financial tie between Gupta and himself? What is the extent of the real financial relationship?
  • How much of the millions of dollars Greg Orman is spending in this campaign can be tied to shared investments and work with convicted Wall Street Tycoon Rajat Gupta?
  • Why is Mr. Orman hiding from the public and refusing to answer any questions about his massive fortune he is using to fund his campaign?