TOPEKA, Kan. – If Greg Orman has complied with federal law, he will have by now have filed his personal financial disclosure with the U.S. Senate. The Roberts for Senate campaign today again called on politician Greg Orman to release his personal financial disclosure after days of questions surrounding his Cayman Islands investments and his relationship with jailed Wall Street criminal Rajat Gupta. Mr. Orman’s report was due on September 21.

“After months of delay, Greg Orman’s disclosure was due over the weekend and we are calling on him to release it this morning,” campaign manager Corry Bliss said.

“This weekend, we learned new details about Greg Orman’s Cayman Island investments and relationship with Wall Street criminal Rajat Gupta. Like everything else with Mr. Orman, he has refused to be honest and forthcoming about both his investments and relationship with Mr. Gupta.

“What else is Greg Orman hiding? How much money has Mr. Orman made with the imprisoned Gupta? How much of that money does he plan on spending on the Kansas Senate race? Why was Orman subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury, and what documents did he have to turn over?

“It is time for Greg Orman to be finally be transparent, release his disclosure, and begin answering the many questions raised by his dishonesty.”