Senator Robert J. Dole:

“I am pleased to endorse my friend Pat Roberts for his re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2014.  No one fights harder or more effectively for the people of Kansas than Pat Roberts. He never stops working for our values and our concerns. Washington needs more people like Pat.”

Speaker and Mrs. Newt Gingrich:

Senator Roberts and Newt Gingrich

 “Callista and I are proud to endorse Pat Roberts for election to the U.S. Senate in 2014.  Pat is the one true and trusted conservative in this race who has showed time and again that he represents the needs and values of Kansas in the Senate.  There is no choice in this race if you want a proven conservative leader who is not afraid to stand up and fight for the values that Kansans hold dear.

The campaign theme is appropriate: Tough, tested, trusted. I saw this first-hand when we served in the House together. Pat is the one you want fighting for you. Pat is the one who gets the job done for you. Pat is the one who understands the needs of Kansans in all 105 counties, in the cities, in the suburbs and in rural America. No one can match that stewardship or leadership.

Whether it’s opposing costly federal bailouts, fighting government-run health care, advocating a pro-life agenda or protecting Second Amendment rights, Pat’s record is consistently pro-Kansas.  That’s what we want the voters in this election to know.

David Keene, Influential conservative leader:

David Keene Endorsement

“I’ve known and admired Pat for years. He’s that rare Senator who says what he means and means what he says. His common sense, plain spoken dedication to fiscal responsibility and the values of the families he represents are both admirable and rare in a town where all too many politicians forget why voters sent them here in the first place. I am honored to call Pat a friend and proud to stand with him as he seeks re-election because he stands for the principles and values that have made this country what it is.” 

Keene is currently serving as the Opinion Editor of the Washington Times. He formerly served as president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU) and continues to serve on the boards of both.

Governor Sam Brownback:

"Kansas needs Pat Roberts now  more than ever."

First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp:

"Pat Roberts embodies Kansas with his determination to fight for our state at every turn."


Second District Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins:

"Senator Roberts continues to be a powerful and effective voice for Kansans in the U.S. Senate.  When he speaks for us, Washington listens."

Jenkins Endorsement

Third District Congressman Kevin Yoder: 

"Kansans need Senator Roberts' leadership in the United States Senate now more than ever."

Yoder Endorsement

Fourth District Congressman Mike Pompeo:

"Senator Roberts has been a strong advocate for Kansans, providing leadership and experience to a Congress that badly needs more of it."

Pompeo Endorsement

Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer

Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Attorney General Derek Schmidt 

State Treasurer Ron Estes

Senator Jerry Moran

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State Senator Susan Wagle, President of the Kansas State Senate

“Pat Roberts’ conservative leadership in the United States Senate and unwavering dedication to Kansas have proven invaluable to our nation and our state. He fights for us. He works with us. He has the respect of his colleagues in the Senate, in the state legislature and among conservatives in Kansas and across the country. I look forward to working with him over the next six years on behalf of the people of Kansas.”

State Senator Jeff  King of Independence, Vice-President of the State Senate and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee

“There are those who talk and then there are leaders who act. A true Marine, Senator Roberts’ actions on behalf of Kansans speak volumes. Pat is a leader who has proven that he has the courage to fight for Kansas and the skills to get results. I am proud to endorse his campaign for re-election and look forward to working with Senator Roberts to move Kansas forward.”

State Senator Terry Bruce of Hutchinson, State Senate Majority Leader

 “Senator Roberts has proven to be a leader who follows his convictions. He has fought fiercely on behalf of Kansas farmers, the aviation industry, and most important, family values. I am proud to endorse his campaign for re-election and look forward to working with him for the future of our state. Kansans can always count on Pat Roberts.”

State Senator Jim Denning, Overland Park

 “As businesses both large and small continue to struggle in the Obama economy, the need for pro-growth and fiscally conservative policies in Washington is greater than ever. Pat Roberts is the man we need fighting for these commonsense, conservative, pro-jobs solutions. Pat supports lower taxes, and he is always fighting to remove the boot of Obama’s regulators off the necks of Kansas job creators. I am proud to support his candidacy in 2014.” 

State Senator Julia Lynn, Olathe

“If we could dial up 99 other Senators with the same backbone, drive, and conservative principles as Pat Roberts, this country would be on the right track. I have seen those qualities first hand, working with Pat to help grow the Kansas economy and attract high-tech jobs to our state. Kansas is proud to have Senator Roberts represent us, and I look forward to working with my friends and neighbors on his behalf as we head into 2014.”

State Senator Ralph Ostmeyer of Grinnell, Chairman of the Federal and State Affairs Committee

“Western Kansas could ask for no greater representative of our values or our way of life than Pat Roberts. He knows us. He is Western Kansas. He hails from Dodge City and has never lost the grit, work ethic, or common sense principles that Western Kansans hold so close to their heart. I have traveled the countryside with Pat on many of his listening tours, and he is never more than a phone call away when we need his help or support. I am proud to call Pat Roberts a friend and fellow Kansan. I look forward to working alongside him to ensure his election to the Senate in 2014.”

State Senator Garrett Love of Montezuma, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee

“If conservatives want to take this country back from the big government, big spending liberals who currently control much of Washington, we will need more independent leaders like Pat Roberts fighting for conservative ideals and Kansas values. Pat Roberts has been there for Kansas every step of the way. I have seen him in action. He is doing everything he can to repeal and defund Obamacare, uphold the Second Amendment and lower taxes. He has gone to bat for rural Kansans. He fights everyday to reduce the role of Washington in our lives. We need him to continue the fight. We must elect him to the Senate in 2014.”

State Senator Larry Powell of Garden City, Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee

“Pat Roberts embodies all the values we share in Western Kansas. He is tough, hard-working and independent serving our country both as a Marine and staunch defender for conservative principles. He is a man of action. He fights for Kansas, lower taxes, less regulation, and a smaller federal government every day. I’m thrilled to be a member of Team Roberts, and proud to declare my unwavering support for his campaign in 2014.” 

State Senator Ty Masterson, Andover, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee

“I count on Senator Roberts' sound voice of Midwestern wisdom, intelligent reason and fiscal responsibility leading the way through the challenges of the weak economic outlook, increasing global instability, and the negative impacts of Obamacare. Kansas needs Pat Roberts now more than ever, leading the charge to protect and defend our liberties and livelihoods in these troubled times and standing in the gap between us and an ever-encroaching, intrusive, and out-of-control federal government. I'm proud to lend my voice to his campaign for U.S. Senate.”

State Senator Michael O’Donnell, Wichita

“At a time when Washington politicians are harming America's future, Kansas has the opportunity to send a proven leader to DC. Since his days as a Marine, Pat Roberts has always fought for Kansans and has never wavered from his conservative principles or the values the Founding Fathers intended our nation to maintain. Carrying the legacy of iconic Kansans like President Eisenhower, Sen. Roberts is the gold-standard of America's leaders. It's true that Kansas is small in numbers compared to many states; however, we are large in stature because we have Pat Roberts fighting for us! It's an honor to support Sen. Roberts bid for U.S. Senate because I don't have to ask if Pat Roberts is a man who will fight for Kansas and America, time-after-time his record already proves it.”

Former State Senator Jay Emler, Lindsborg

“Our country is safer today because of Pat Roberts' determination on Homeland Security issues. Sen. Roberts has been a leader in supporting our troops, our intelligence officers and our law enforcement agencies to make sure they have the resources they need to respond to emergencies and counteract continuing terrorist threats. We need Pat Roberts representing us in Washington, protecting our economic, military and homeland security interests."

State Senator Jake LaTurner, Pittsburg

“Pat Roberts is exactly the kind of conservative legislator Kansans need fighting on their behalf each and every day in the halls of the U.S. Senate.  First hand, I have seen him tirelessly battle for conservative principles, the betterment of Kansas and the defense of our country and our way of life. He exemplifies the attributes of a true public service and I am thrilled to be a part of Team Roberts in 2014. ”

State Senator Clark Shultz

State Senator Jeff Longbine, Emporia

State Senator Vicki Schmidt, Topeka

State Senator Caryn Tyson, Parker

State Senator Mike Petersen, Wichita

State Senator Elaine Bowers, Concordia

State Senator Tom Arpke, Salina

State Senator Steve Fitzgerald, Leavenworth

State Senator Mitch Holmes, St. John

State Senator Forrest Knox, Altoona

State Senator Pat Apple, Louisburg

State Senator Jeff Melcher, Leawood

State Senator Robert Olson, Olathe

State Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, Shawnee

State Senator Greg Smith, Overland Park

State Senator Kay Wolf, Prairie Village

State Senator Carolyn McGinn, Sedgwick

State Senator Steve Abrams, Arkansas City

State Senator Les Donovan, Wichita

State Senator Dan Kerschen, Garden Plain

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Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick

 “Pat Roberts is Kansas. His values are our values. His priorities are our priorities, and his leadership in the United States Senate is exactly what we need to ensure our country remains true to the Constitution. I am proud to endorse my fellow Marine’s campaign for Senate and will work alongside him to ensure another Republican clean sweep in 2014.” 

Representative Lance Kinzer, an Olathe Republican and conservative leader in the Kansas State House and Chairman of the Kansas House Judiciary Committee

“Pat Roberts has provided tremendous leadership in the U.S. Senate.  He has been unwavering in his support for core Kansas values which we find commonplace, but that are often not so common in Washington, D.C. I am happy to endorse Senator Roberts because I trust his commitment to work for responsible and accountable government that respects individual liberty, protects the family, and stands up for the vulnerable.”

Representative John Rubin, Shawnee. Chairman of the House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee

“Pat Roberts has steadfastly stood and tirelessly worked for the best interests of all Kansans. A principled and thoughtful conservative, Senator Roberts has led the way promoting traditional Kansas values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets and entrepreneurship. He never stops fighting for responsible fiscal and economic policy, and strong families. I am proud to add my name to the long list of Kansans in and out of office who have enthusiastically endorsed Pat Roberts for United States Senate in 2014." 

Representative Ron Ryckman, Jr., Olathe

“Pat is in touch with Johnson County. He's always here. He listens to our voices and he represents them in Washington. Pat exemplifies what Kansas is all about. Hard work, Kansas values and a solid understanding of what government should, and more importantly, should not be doing. I am proud to give my full support of his 2014 Senate run."

Representative Connie O’Brien, Tonganoxie

“Pat has been a good and valued friend, a steadfast supporter of our country's founding principles and a staunch defender of our constitution. Pat has the commonsense, heart of America values shared by the vast majority of Kansans. I'm proud to endorse Pat Roberts for U.S. Senate."

Representative Reid Petty, Liberal

“I am happy to announce my endorsement for Kansas U.S. Senator Pat Roberts for re-election in 2014. Senator Roberts has been a champion of fighting for limited government and for standing up for the values that Kansans expect from their elected officials. Values such as the 2nd Amendment, the right to life, and fighting to stop ObamaCare. Senator Roberts recently stood strong with his colleague Senator Ted Cruz on the senate floor in fighting against ObamaCare.  Senator Roberts is also from southwest Kansas, so it is vital that we continue to have a voice in the U.S. Senate from southwestern Kansas who can stand up to Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Senator Roberts has a proven record of getting results for Kansas."

Representative Jene Vickrey, Louisburg, House Majority Leader

“Pat Roberts represents Kansas common sense in the U.S. Senate. He understands that the federal government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Just as all Kansas families must prioritize their spending, he knows that Washington must do the same. He is on the frontline against implementation of the president’s healthcare legislation that threatens to bankrupt states, drive up unemployment and force higher insurance premiums on Kansans. I am pleased to endorse Pat for reelection because I am confident he will continue the good fight for another six years.”

Representative Dennis Hedke

"Please add my name to the list of Representatives endorsing Senator Roberts, as I wholeheartedly support his continuing leadership and commitment to stand firm against the unrelenting attacks the current administration issues against those who would simply prefer to live within the broad guidelines provided by the Constitution of the United States."

Representative Troy Waymaster , Luray

" I proudly endorse Senator Pat Roberts for his re-election campaign for 2014.  Senator Roberts has proudly served the citizens of Kansas and we need him to represent Kansas values in the US Senate." 

Representative Rob Bruchman, Overland Park

Representative Larry Campbell, Olathe

Representative Stephanie Clayton, Overland Park

Representative Willie Dove, Bonner Springs

Representative Keith Esau, Olathe

Representative Mike Kiegerl, Olathe

Representative Marvin Kleeb, Overland Park

Representative Jerry Lunn, Overland Park

Representative Charles Macheers, Shawnee

Representative Craig McPherson, Overland Park

Representative Kelly Meigs, Lenexa

Former Representative Robert Montgomery, Olathe

Representative Erin Davis

Representative Scott Schwab, Olathe

Representative Bill Sutton, Gardner

Representative James Todd, Overland Park

Representative Stephen Alford, Ulysses

Representative John Barker, Abilene

Representative Sue Boldra, Hays

Representative John Bradford, Lansing

Representative Steve Brunk, Wichita

Representative Richard Carlson, St. Marys

Representative Will Carpenter, El Dorado

Representative Ward Cassidy, St. Francis

Representative Marshall Christmann, Lyons

Representative J.R. Claeys, Salina

Representative Susan Concannon, Beloit

Representative Ken Corbet, Topeka

Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady, Palco

Representative David Crum, Augusta

Representative Pete DeGraaf, Mulvane

Representative Diana Dierks, Salina

Representative John Doll, Garden City

Representative John Edmonds, Great Bend

Representative Joe Edwards, Haysville

Representative Bud Estes, Dodge City

Representative John Ewy, Jetmore

Representative Blaine Finch, Ottawa

Representative Shanti Gandhi, Topeka

Representative Mario Goico, Wichita

Representative Daniel Hawkins, Wichita

Former Representative Phil Hermanson, Wichita

Representative Steve Anthimides

Representative Larry Hibbard, Toronto

Representative Don Hill, Emporia

Representative Don Hineman, Dighton

Representative Kyle Hoffman, Coldwater

Representative Jim Howell, Derby

Representative Steve Huebert, Valley Center

Representative Russ Jennings, Lakin

Representative Steven Johnson, Assaria

Representative Kevin Jones, Wellsville

Representative Mark Kahrs, Wichita

Representative Jim Kelly, Independence

Representative Leslie Osterman, Wichita

Representative Tom Phillips, Manhattan

Representative Richard Proehl, Parsons

Representative Marc Rhoades, Newton

Representative Allan Rothlisberg, Grandview Plaza

Representative Ronald Ryckman, Meade

Representative Don Schroeder, Hesston

Representative Sharon Schwartz, Washington

Representative Joe Seiwert, Pretty Prairie

Representative Clark Shultz, McPherson

Representative Tom Sloan, Lawrence

Representative Gene Suellentrop, Wichita

Representative Vern Swanson, Clay Center

Representative Jack Thimesch, Cunningham

Representative Kent Thompson, Iola

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Leadership of the Heartland Republican Jewish Coalition

Topeka, KS — David Seldner, President of the Heartland Republican Jewish Coalition, and Marjorie Robinow, the coalition’s Vice President, announced today their endorsement of Senator Pat Roberts for US Senate.

“David and I are delighted to endorse Senator Roberts,” Marjorie Robinow said. “Senator Roberts has consistently demonstrated his integrity and strength in advocacy for the American people throughout his career. He is a vigilant defender of the special relationship between America and Israel, and we will depend on his continued leadership in 2014 and beyond.”

Western Kansas Tea Party activist Roger Ewing, a Hays resident

"Pat Roberts is a Marine who is always fighting for the values and policies we treasure most. Senator Roberts is a staunch advocate for a strong national defense, which is the number one obligation of our federal government. As the senior Marine in the U.S. Senate, few speak with more authority or knowledge on national security issues. In addition, Senator Roberts understands that America must address its debt problem and embrace principles of limited government. He is a trusted, tested and tough conservative leader. We need him representing us in Washington."  

Patricia Stoneking-Leader for Second Amendment Rights

“I have worked in Kansas politics a long time and I cannot overstate the importance of having strong champions for our state in Washington.  Pat Roberts serves us well. He listens to our concerns. He shares our values and he fights for what’s right. I give my enthusiastic support to Pat Roberts for Senate. There is no better conservative voice than Pat Roberts.”

Community leaders in Rice County:

Representative Marshall Christmann of Lyons

“There could be no better representative for Rice County and the people of Lyons than Senator Pat Roberts. Whether it is fighting to dismantle, delay and defund Obamacare, lower taxes, or protect our national security, Pat Roberts is always there for Kansas. We need his tough, tested, and trusted conservative leadership in Washington.”

Pam Minix, of Lyons and chair of the Rice County Republican Party

“I know and have worked personally with Pat Roberts on a number of different projects. He has been great for Rice County, great for the Republican Party and great for Kansas. Kansans deserves a Senator who will get in the trenches and fight for our commonsense values each and every day. Pat Roberts is that Senator. In a world of talk, Pat Roberts is a man of action. He acts to cut spending, to repeal Obamacare, and to lower taxes. We need his tough, tested, and trusted leadership fighting on our behalf.”

Jason West, President of JACAM Chemicals located in Sterling

“Senator Roberts has consistently demonstrated the kind of fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C., that is, frankly, way too often missing in our nation’s capital. We appreciate the support we have received from Pat Roberts and the leadership he has shown for Kansas businesses. On his tour of our facilities this summer he demonstrated his understanding of the issues we face and the challenges all business, large and small, grapple with on a daily basis. He took his time to visit with our employees personally to learn about the products and services they were providing, and the issues they were facing daily in their lives.  Senator Roberts has demonstrated the kind of tested leadership that is important to Kansans and vital for America today with the challenges we face going forward.”

Four key leaders of the next generation of conservative Kansans today endorsed Pat Roberts for Senate:

The Kansas Young Republican Chairman Brandon Kenig of Shawnee, Vice-Chair Lee Modesitt of Manhattan, National Committeewoman Ashley Moretti and National Committeeman Trey Joy of Smith Center threw their support behind Pat Roberts.

Brandon Kenig, Chairman of the Kansas Young Republicans

“Senator Pat Roberts is a reliable advocate for Kansans in Washington, always standing up for our interests and never backing down from a fight. From protecting taxpayers by holding the IRS accountable to critically examining the state of our foreign intelligence operations, Pat can be trusted to fight for the answers we need and push for common-sense reforms that enhance our security and strengthen our nation. His fight against the Obama spending binge is especially important for young Kansans who bear the burden of our national debt."

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American Conservative Union:

The ACU Political Action Committee, the political arm of the American Conservative Union, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization and host of the annual CPAC conference, today announced its endorsement of Senator Pat Roberts.

“Sen. Roberts’ lifetime ACU rating of 86, as well as his average of 89 during the Obama Era, shows his consistent support of conservative principles on a wide variety of issues. He has fought for the rights of the unborn, supported the repeal of the Death Tax, and opposed many efforts to divert defense funds to big government domestic programs. In addition, Senator Roberts helped lead the successful fight to defeat one of the worst nominations by President Obama, that of Donald Berwick, who preferred the British system of government health care to ours, to head up the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Pat Roberts deserves the support of conservatives in the Republican Primary August 5.” said ACU Director of Government Relations Larry Hart.

ACU Rating

Kansans For Life:

Kansans for Life is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to protecting and defending the right to life of all humans from the moment of conception to natural death, and the Kansas Affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee. KFL’s political action committee endorses pro-life candidates during elections.

“It has never been as important as it is now to re-elect a man with the record and seniority of Senator Pat Roberts,” Kansans for Life Executive Director Mary Kay Culp said. “Should the Senate be returned to Republican hands as expected this fall, with the prospect of the presidency two years hence, Roberts would be situated as no other Kansas candidate could be to accomplish a goal he and a majority of Americans desire: ending Obamacare’s brazenly dishonest and ultimately dangerous takeover of America’s health care.”

National Right to Life

Involved in every election since Ronald Reagan’s election to the presidency, National Right to Life Political Action Committee (NRL PAC) was formed in 1979 as the political arm of National Right to Life. Founded in 1968, National Right to Life, the federation of 50 state right-to-life affiliates and more than 3,000 local chapters, is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement, NRLC works through legislation and education to protect innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

“During his entire service in the U.S. Senate, Senator Roberts has compiled a 100% pro-life voting record, and he has been a key supporter of every major pro-life initiative,” said Douglas Johnson, National Right to Life legislative director.

Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, added “Senator Pat Roberts, who has been a tireless campaigner for the right to life, has since 2009 repeatedly taken a leadership role in fighting rationing of life-saving medical treatment, food, and fluids. Senator Roberts has consistently hammered against a very dangerous aspect of Obamacare – how it limits the right to use one’s own money to get health coverage for expensive life-saving care. More Americans are now becoming aware of this vital issue.”

Kansans for Life

Kansas State Rifle Association:

“When the Second Amendment is challenged, Pat Roberts stands at the forefront to support the right of every Kansan to bear arms,” Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA) President Patricia Stoneking said. “Kansas has been fortunate to have such a strong and dedicated supporter of the Second Amendment, with a steadfast record in defense of gun rights.”

The KSRA has thousands of members across the state and is represented in every county. “I know a majority of our members will go to work for Pat’s campaign whether it’s walking local precincts, making calls, putting up yard signs or getting people to the polls,” Stoneking added. “We will send a strong message that we want Pat Roberts fighting for us in the U.S. Senate.”

Kansas State Rifle Association

Kansas Black Republican Council (KBRC) and their local councils

Treatha Brown-Foster, Chairman Emeritus of KBRC, stated that, “Senator Roberts has always supported their efforts to educate African Americans of their God given right to bear arms under the 2 Amendment of the U. S. Constitution.”

Chairman of KBRC, Eliehue Brunson followed saying that, “the two recent Supreme Court Rulings (District of Columbia v Heller 2008 and McDonald v Chicago 2010) is liberating for all Kansans, especially African Americans, who for the first time have the opportunity to defend their property, and their families without constitutional and legislative impediments.”

Ms. Brown-Foster stated that, “Senator Roberts has proven that he is the best person to represent Kansas and this country, and it is an honor for KBRC to endorse this U.S. Marine for the U.S. Senate.

Kansas Farm Bureau: 

Kansans know Pat Roberts' agriculture expertise and experience is unmatched in Washington.

Kansas Farm Bureau

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Therese H. from Garden City, KS

"Senator Roberts stands up when its the right thing to do, even against strong opposition, i.e. during the filibuster in Senate. He gets it; understanding full well how Washington works yet votes consistently to protect life and liberty, I'm proud to be represented by Pat Roberts in Washington."

Holly F. from Manhattan, KS

"Pat is a clear and truthful communicator who has helped Kansas families preserve their farms and businesses. He has the proven character to stand strong on constitutional issues. A defender of the 2nd Amendment, our religious liberties and protector of the unborn, he has been named by Heritage Action as one of the five most conservative Senators in the U.S. Senate. He is not afraid to stand alone, yet can work with people - a true statesman. I think Kansans need to elect him again."

Linda K. from Rantoul, KS

"I have watched and voted for him for years. He always works hard for the people of his state. He is not dishonest or the "normal" D.C senator. He always answers any questions and is not bribed by anyone!!!! I respect him very much!" 

Larry S. from Wellington, KS

"Senator Pat Roberts' voting record proves that he really is a true Conservative. He has worked hard on important issues like gun rights, fighting Common Core, and many more. He believes in the Constitution and fights for our rights."

Don R. from  Topeka, KS 

"He represents what I stand for, and is not afraid to say what is right."

Ryan W. from Shawnee, KS

Pat Roberts has become one of the best conservatives in the United States Senate. Becoming recognized as one of the top senate conservatives on both Freedom Works and Heritage Action…He keeps his convictions of smaller government and not voting for bills that add to our national debt even when fellow senators become more moderate and vote to get by. Pat stands strong.

Gene P. from LaCrosse, KS

Senator Roberts believes in the Constitution and fights for the American people. We could use more like him in Washington!

Pete C. from Towanda, KS

He has been great for Kansas! Acknowledges there is a constitution, and has a great voting record! The only senator in Kansas that shouldn't be primaried. Need a big sign for him in my yard!

Jim C. from Topeka, KS

I've known Pat for over 35 years. His integrity and ethics are something that I wish all of our politicians would aspire to. There isn't another elected official that I hold in higher regard than Pat.

Joyce W. from Overland Park, KS

He's doing all he can to get rid of Obamacare.

Ron M. from Topeka, KS

Pat shares our Kansas values of hard work, honesty, trust and loyalty. He is always there if you need him and is Truly a Kansas Treasure.

John R. from Prairie Village, KS

Pat has always worked hard for his constituents back in Kansas. He doesn't have hidden agendas, and you can always tell just where he stands on issues important to Kansans.

Larry S. from Wellington, KS

Senator Pat Roberts' voting record proves that he's a really is a true Conservative. He has worked hard on important issues like gun rights, fighting Common Core, and many more. He believes in Constitution and fights for our rights.

Hal H. from Wichita, KS

Bob Dole served us well up there, I know Pat Roberts will do the same.

Joyce W. from Overland Park, KS

He actually represents his constituents, which is a rarity these days.

Thomas B. from Kansas City, KS

I am one of those republicans that was attacked by the IRS & their friends; Hopefully we will get republicans in office that will stand up for the people who voted to put them in charge of the business of the USA. In addition, Senator Pat Roberts asked his office to support me in an attempt to communicate with IRS, of which admitted to a mistake, but eventually reneged on their statement and informed me that they would take my home on my demise.

Dena H. from Linn, KS

when it came to having to close head start facilities. he heard our voices, returned any phone calls and lots of emails back and forth. his voice and fight for education is very meaningful. to have someone in government that is such a supporter in education . to know that he realizes that these little children are the future is just wonderful.

Julie H. from Linn, KS

I stand behind him 100%. He has done an outstanding job looking out for the folks of the state of Kansas in Washington D.C. He know the value of what family means and hard work and a good education for children. He help pass to end the school regulations on school lunches. and is in favor of ending Obamacare. thank you for all you hard work.

Kristi R. from Olathe, KS

Pat Roberts takes his job of representing Kansans seriously. He's vocal, he's bold and he's in tune with what is going on in Washington D.C and in our nation. I'd cast my vote for him again.

Sarah P. from Hutchinson, KS

I stand with Pat Roberts because he is for the people he is for Kansans I was not born here but I was raised her since I was 9 and I grew fond of Kansas and I stand with him on his ideals, policies, etc

Karen M. from Wellington, KS

Pat has stood his ground . He will fight to keep good morals in our great nation

Kathy L., Wichita, KS

I can count on him to do the right thing without having to  supervise the  representation he provides. He and his family are a continued Blessing  for Kansas, and the United States.

Trey J., Smith Center, KS

As a former intern I have seen firsthand how dedicated Senator Roberts is to the people of Kansas. Senator Roberts is the epitome of what we need in a Senator in today's political environment; someone who is experienced and devoted to fighting for the future of our great Republic. Please join me in supporting a man who has tirelessly fought for all Kansans!

Anthony B. - Hanover, KS.

Sen. Roberts keeps Kansas first. Through trying times in policy, the farm bill, budget cuts, and controversial defense measures, Senator Roberts has steered a conservative, responsible coarse that has supported Kansas farmers and workers in an otherwise trying environment

Audrey S. - Overland Park, KS

Pat Roberts has done what's best for our country and what's best for Kansas throughout his entire tenure in the Senate, and I support him in his re-election bid.

Anne H. - Lenexa, KS  

Senator Roberts has always protected Kansas' conservative values and has the experience and savvy to navigate the mine fields of the U.S. Senate. There is no logical reason to replace a proven Kansas leader who has steadfastly supported agriculture, life, and gun rights; with an inexperienced neophyte who just wants his day in the sun

Becky B. - Centralia, KS

We have our state and nation at heart and want only what is best for both. We are both Christian and conservative and have the same belief systems. Both of my parents were very involved in county and state politics here in Kansas and I have met Pat and respect him very much.

Gene P. - La Crosse, KS

Senator Roberts believes in the Constitution and fights for the American people. We could use more like him in Washington!

Carl S. - Olathe, KS

Pat Roberts has always done what is right not for himself or what party leaders might want but whats good for our Country and good for our State and most importantly whats right for those he represents. His strong views and outstanding record makes it easy for me to justify my support. Thank you for being my voice.

Robert L. - Weskan, KS

I have known Pat Roberts since 1985, when I was elected as a school board member at Weskan. Since that time as both House Member, from the Kansas "Big First" District and as US Senator, Pat has conducted himself with honesty and integrity in all matters. I believe that in looking at his voting record throughout, he has Kansas' best interests at heart. He is definitely not a typical "Washington insider". He is, without question, a skilled, Senior Statesman.

Tracy R. - Kansas City, KS

I'm for Pat "Because he has been consistent with his support of core Kansas and Conservative values."

Lawrence H. - Smith Center, KS

"He is a conservative, a marine and a friend of rural Kansas; he is a Kansan.








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