Jul 25 2014

"Breaking" News

New TV Ad: Milton Wolf Under State Investigation;
“Breaking” News Reveals Candidate Is ‘Unfit, Not Trusted, Not Right for Kansas’


TOPEKA, KS -- An official state investigation into Milton Wolf’s professional conduct as a doctor is the subject of late breaking media reports and the latest TV ad by the Pat Roberts for Senate campaign.

“Milton Wolf’s ethical troubles keep growing, again leading to banner headlines in our state’s papers,” said Leroy Towns, Roberts’ Executive Campaign Manager. “The Topeka Capital-Journal’s revelation that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, the state’s official medical ethics board, is investigating Wolf for his conduct as a doctor is information Kansans need to know before they go to the polls.”

The 30-second statewide TV ad, “Breaking,” reads:

“Breaking news in the race for U.S. Senate: Candidate Milton Wolf is now under official investigation by the Kansas Medical Board for his conduct as a doctor. Multiple news sources show Wolf exposed private patient x-rays on Facebook, where Wolf ‘relentlessly poked fun at the dead or wounded.’ Serious ethical questions. Wolf under official investigation. Milton Wolf. Unfit. Not trusted. Not right for Kansas.”

 “A candidate under such controversy should not put the state and the G.O.P. through this during a critical election season,” said Towns. “He is a failed candidate and a terribly dangerous choice for Kansas Republicans. Milton Wolf should deal with his legal and ethical questions about his medical conduct as a private citizen, not as a candidate for one of the highest offices in our nation.”

Towns said the reason Wolf’s campaign still exists is that a large DC SuperPAC, with no ties to the state, has financially bank-rolled the effort. “Wolf’s money doesn’t come from Kansans. Kansans don’t support him, according to every official accounting document he has filed. He’s relying solely on outsiders to buy this election from Kansans.”

To watch the ad go here.

To find out more about Milton Wolf’s ethics and conduct, click here: http://therealmiltonwolf.tumblr.com/