Highlighting the “Clear Difference” Between Senator Roberts and his Much Ridiculed Challenger


Topeka, KS – The Roberts for Senate campaign today launched a new 60-second radio ad, “Clear Difference” that contrasts the ethical lapses of opponent Milton Wolf with the tough, tested and trusted conservative credentials of U.S. Senator Pat Roberts.

Wolf, a Leawood radiologist, became a nationally ridiculed candidate after news broke that he posted private x-rays and other patient information on his Facebook page and then engaged in gruesome commentary that mocked the dead and wounded.

Wolf initially tried to hide the Internet posts before announcing his candidacy, but the Topeka Capital-Journal exposed the pictures and inappropriate commentary in February. Wolf has given multiple and conflicting accounts for why he compromised patient privacy. An interview of Wolf by Reporter Tim Carpenter is especially revealing.

The ad makes a sharp contrast by turning to Kansas Marine Derek Brunin to speak on behalf of Senator Roberts. Brunin recounts Roberts’ strong conservative credentials as a champion for lower taxes, less government spending and the repeal of Obamacare. Roberts, who also served in the Marines, is the fourth most conservative Senator in the U.S. Senate, according to Heritage Action.

To listen to the ad, click here.

Roberts’ many campaign endorsements include the American Conservative Union (ACU), the NRA, Kansans for Life, National Right to Life, the Kansas State Rifle Association and the Kansas Farm Bureau. Conservative leaders across the state have joined Roberts’ campaign including the majority of the Kansas state House and Senate, the entire congressional delegation and every statewide Republican on the 2014 ballot.

He is an effective and respected voice for Kansas, nationally known as a champion for farmers, ranchers and hard-working Kansas families. The radio buy will begin in western Kansas for at least ten days. In addition, “Marine,” a television ad about Roberts’ service to the state and fight for conservative values will begin re-airing statewide due to extremely positive comment after its first run several weeks ago.

“The contrast with Wolf is crystal clear,” said Roberts campaign manager Leroy Towns. “Wolf has next to no support in Kansas. Election reports show he receives nearly all of his financial backing from Washington, DC and from donors in Texas. He is completely discredited on the national stage for his serious ethical lapses. He cannot be trusted as a doctor and he should not be trusted as a candidate for the United States Senate.”

Towns pointed to an episode of the syndicated television show “The Doctors,” which profiled Wolf’s stunning ethical scandal. A panel of medical professionals commented on the situation with one stating, “He needs counseling.”

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