TOPEKA, Kan. – Today, the Roberts for Senate campaign called on Harry Reid’s preferred candidate, Greg Orman, to release his personal financial disclosure on the heels of his campaign finance reform “plan” full of fluff and hypocrisy.

“The Roberts for Senate campaign calls on Greg Orman to finally come clean with Kansas voters and immediately release his personal financial disclosure,” campaign manager Corry Bliss said. “It seems everyday we learn more about Mr. Orman’s shady business dealings, from being sued in federal court for $30 million to filing a lawsuit against Debbie Reynolds.
"It also appears that Mr. Orman never filed a personal financial disclosure during his 2008 run for Senate as a Democrat. While an independent watchdog notes the superior quality of disclosures from Pat Roberts, Mr. Orman has yet to provide one shred of information about his personal finances.

“If Mr. Orman really wants to talk about transparency, he should concentrate on filing his own financial disclosures and start being honest with Kansas voters.

“Voters have gone too long without details about the millions of dollars that Mr. Orman plans to use in his ploy to buy a U.S. Senate seat, and it is time for the charade to end. What are you hiding, Mr. Orman?”