Topeka — The Roberts for Senate campaign today released a new radio ad, “No Doubt,” highlighting the stark contrast between the ethically challenged Milton Wolf, who is currently under investigation by the state medical ethics board, and the tough, tested and trusted veteran Pat Roberts, who always delivers results for Kansas. The ad, which begins airing today in the Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita markets, leaves no doubt that Pat Roberts is the clear choice in the August 5th Kansas Senate Primary.

“Elections are about a choice, and this August the choice is pretty easy for Kansans. Pat Roberts is one of us, a Kansan through and through. He has fought countless battles for our state and our country, and he delivers results for Kansas,” said Leroy Towns, Roberts for Senate Executive Campaign Manager.

“Milton Wolf goes into the final days of the primary with a state ethics investigation into his professional conduct. The investigation will hang over him for months. The public polls already show him losing to a Democrat.

“On top of that, we now know he’s not ulfilled even the most basic civic duty: to vote. Wolf habitually didn’t bother to show up at the polls to exercise his constitutional right. He missed 28 votes on issues important to his state and community like taxes, schools and water. The choice is clear, “ Towns concluded.

Wolf is infamous for his ethical lapses and poor judgment after it was revealed that he had posted pictures of dead and injured patients to his Facebook page and ruthlessly mocked the dying and deceased. The Topeka Capital-Journal has reported that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is investigating Wolf.

The new ad reads:

“In the Senate race between Milton Wolf and Pat Roberts, the difference couldn’t be clearer.”

“Milton Wolf’s x-ray Facebook scandal is bad enough. Now we find out Wolf didn’t vote in 28 different elections. 28 times Wolf didn’t care enough to even show up to vote on issues important to Kansas families. How can we possibly trust him to represent us in the Senate?”

“Pat Roberts is the Kansas choice. Pat’s a life long Kansan, rated one of the most conservative Senators in the country. Pat Roberts has fought against amnesty for illegals, and voted against amnesty every single time. Pat’s also led the fight against Obamacare, and the National Taxpayers Union recognizes Pat Roberts for proposing nearly half a trillion in federal spending cuts since 2008, including Pat’s proposal to repeal Obamacare.”

More can be learned about the ethical challenges, extreme rhetoric and discredited candidacy of the real Milton Wolf at

To hear the radio ad, click here:   "No Doubt"