Campaign Disputes Senator Dole’s View That Orman Apologized & Politico Reports Orman Is “Embracing” His Attack On Dole, Republican Leaders

TOPEKA, Kan. – In case you missed it, Fox News is reporting that contrary to Senator Bob Dole’s statement today that Democrat Greg Orman had apologized to him for claiming that he was part of a “Washington establishment clown car,” the Orman campaign is actively rejecting that claim - even though Senator Dole graciously said that he accepted Orman’s apology. 

In fact, Politico reports tonight that Orman is actually “embracing” his clown criticisms of Senator Dole and other Republican leaders who have campaigned for Senator Roberts, noting that Orman “exited his rally here to the riffs of “Stuck in the Middle” by Stealers Wheel: ‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am.’”

If you are reporting on this remarkable development tonight, please consider the following response from U.S. Senator Pat Roberts:

“My opponent is ending his campaign the way he began it – trying to have it both ways and refusing to give a straight answer to Kansans on virtually everything, including whether or not he’s apologized for insulting Senator Dole.”