TOPEKA, KS -- Pat Roberts for Senate is proud to announce the endorsement of the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA), one of the nation’s most respected state cattlemen’s organizations representing more than 5,600 Kansas farmers and ranchers involved in all segments of the livestock industry including cow-calf, feedlot, swine, dairy and sheep.

“Senator Pat Roberts has been an outstanding Senator and a dependable and steady voice for Kansas agriculture,” Dee Likes, the CEO of the KLA, said. “He is widely respected for his expertise in ag policy. Part of that is due to his own knowledge and experience, but it also comes from the regular input he seeks from Kansas farmers and ranchers. Pat is widely respected and influential in Washington, and Kansans are fortunate to have him working for us. KLA is pleased to give our strongest endorsement for his re-election.”

“I have worked along side the hardworking folks at KLA for many years and I am honored to to have the endorsement of such a respected organization that works so hard on behalf of the multi-billion dollar Kansas cattle industry,” Roberts said. “I look forward to continuing our partnership as we work to protect the rural way of life and grow the Kansas agricultural economy.”

The Kansas Livestock Association endorsement adds to the overwhelming and unprecedented amount of support garnered by Pat Roberts ahead of the 2014 elections. Roberts is endorsed by 30 state senators, 79 state representatives, the entire Kansas congressional delegation, and all statewide GOP officials on the ballot this year. Additionally, he has support from the American Conservative Union (ACU), the Chamber of Commerce, the NFIB, National Right to Life, Kansans for Life, the Kansas State Rifle Association, the Kansas Farm Bureau, the Kansas Black Republican Council, Kansas Realtors, Senator Bob Dole, Speaker Newt Gingrich, leading conservative and Washington Times Opinion Editor David Keene, and many others.