Greg Orman has made it through two debates and months of campaigning without answering any questions Kansans deserve to know.  He has dodged the media, he has dodged Senator Roberts, and he has run away from Kansas voters. Liberal Democrat Greg Orman is clearly trying to duck and dodge until Election Day.

Orman's 'non-position' position is the banner of his campaign. He won't tell Kansas voters which party he'll caucus with if elected; he has not formed a specific position on Keystone or on harmful EPA regulations; and he won't pledge to repeal Obamacare or oppose tax increases. Every time he does state his position – pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-restrictions on gun rights – he loses more votes.

Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it, and we saw how that turned out.  Now Greg Orman is telling Kansas voters they have to elect him to see where he stands on the issues that impact their lives. Greg Orman has run from the issues this entire campaign, but at tonight’s debate he has one last chance to shoot straight with Kansans.

Below are questions Greg Orman has been hiding from that may finally be answered at today’s debate.

Questions for Greg Orman:

1) How can Kansans trust Greg Orman to stand up to President Obama and Harry Reid when he has donated thousands of dollars to get them elected?

Greg Orman has given thousands of dollars to Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Kansas Democrat Party.  He even voted for Barack Obama.

2) Who will Greg Orman caucus with? Why should anyone assume he wouldn’t follow his money and liberal ideology and support Harry Reid and Barack Obama?

When asked who he would caucus with in the Senate, Orman told the Washington Post, “It’s not in the best interests for us to say that.”

3) Would Greg Orman repeal and replace Obamacare? Yes or No?

Orman told the Kansas City Star that he was not a “repeal and replace” politician.

4) Would Greg Orman stand up to President Obama’s attempts to move Guantanamo Bay terrorists to Kansas?

Orman’s campaign manger told the Lawrence Journal World “Orman has not formed a specific position on what to do with the Guantanamo Bay prisoners.”

5) Does Orman still need "more information" about moving forward with construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which would create thousands of new American jobs and help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil?

Orman told the Washington Post, “he doesn’t have enough information to say yes or no,” on the Keystone Pipeline.

6) Greg Orman wants to restrict the Second Amendment, but does Mr. Orman support an assault weapons ban?

The Washington Post reports Orman said, “gun restrictions should be ‘strengthened’ but would not specify whether he backs an assault-weapons ban.”

7) Does Orman support the Democrats' harmful cap-and-trade scheme, which would cost thousands of Kansas jobs and drive up energy costs on Kansas families?

Orman refused to tell the Atlantic whether he would favor the cap and trade scheme.

8) Would Greg Orman have voted for Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill that is strangling small businesses and startups?  

Again, Orman refused to tell the Atlantic whether he would have voted for Dodd-Frank

9) Will Mr. Orman unseal his grand jury testimony in the case of jailed Wall Street criminal Rajat Gupta?

 Court documents show that Orman was Gupta’s personal financial advisor, spent hundreds of hours preparing Gupta for his legal defense, and was Mr. Gupta’s hand-picked appointment to the board of a Cayman Islands-based private equity fund.

But “records of Orman's testimony to a grand jury have been sealed.”

10) Does Mr. Orman really think that using $2.5 million in federal loan guarantees and $128,000 in state tax breaks to start a shrimp farm in the Nevada desert is a good use of government money?

Mr. Orman’s government-subsidized shrimp farm collapsed within one year of its opening.

11) How does Mr. Orman’s “plan” to address college student loans work with his own history of threatening to wipeout a family's college savings? ??Court records show a businesswoman “alleged that Orman threatened to wipe out her children’s college fund if he wasn’t included in a deal.”

12) Why does Mr. Orman do business in tax havens from Nevada to the Cayman Islands, instead of investing in the Kansas economy?

Orman has more business experience in tax havens than Kansas. Just 21% of the businesses [9 of 42] Orman reported in personal financial disclosure are actually incorporated in Kansas. Instead, over 40% are incorporated in states that are considered tax havens, 17 in Nevada, 2 in Delaware, and one is incorporated in an offshore tax haven, Cayman Islands. (U.S. Senate, Personal Financial Disclosure - Greg Orman, Filed September 22, 2014; Multi-State Business Databases, Accessed September 22-23, 2014)

13) Why did Mr. Orman lay off hard working middle class families to add to his fortune?

Orman’s business experience has been tough on hard-working families. In 2001, contractors filed $1.3 million in mechanic’s liens against Orman’s biggest business FRM Associates LLC for failure to pay them for their services. In 2002, Orman announced a telecom business had laid off 45% of its work force less than one year after he stated there were no plans for such layoffs. (Mechanics Liens - Hennepin County, Lien Records, Accessed 2014; Layoffs - Kansas City Star, January 1, 2002; St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 1, 2001)

14) Why does Mr. Orman have so many million-dollar lawsuits leveled against him?

Orman is not a good person to do business with. Orman is currently being sued for a $30 million breach of contract in his company Combat Brands LLC, his aggressive 2001 takeover of a telecom business resulted in a $15 million breach of contract lawsuit that reached the Missouri Supreme Court, and he was sued in 2009 for breaching the contract of a $1.9 million loan. (Combat Brands - The Associated Press, September 8, 2014; Missouri Lawsuit - Lloyd’s Corporate Litigation Reporter, October 21, 2008; 2009 Lawsuit - Kansas City Star, June 24, 2009)