Topeka, Kan. – The lengths the Orman campaign will go to deceive Kansans may have reached new depths today. The Weekly Standard reported today that one of Greg Orman’s Republican endorsements might have cost him a small fortune in a backroom pay to play deal. 

Eric Carter is a former Republican state representative who has endorsed Orman and introduced Orman at his recent address at Combat Brands, Orman’s company that is currently embroiled in $30 million federal lawsuit. However, according to Orman’s own financial disclosure, Greg Orman has given an interest free loan of between $15,001 and $50,000 to Eric Carter.

The Weekly Standard wrote of the arrangement that,  Carter may very well prefer Orman to his own party's nominee, but the two men appear to have more than just a political relationship.”

Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss released the following statement: 

“ Greg Orman’s entire campaign is an elaborate deception designed to hide Greg Orman’s record as a liberal Democrat. This potential backroom, pay to play endorsement deal is just the latest example of Orman’s desperation and dishonestyGreg Orman has shown he is willing to say or do almost anything to get elected, from lying about his support of amnesty to potentially paying for Republican endorsements. This apparent pay to play deal is disgraceful, and Greg Orman should come clean with Kansas voters immediately.”

The full article is below:

Pro-Orman Republican Owes Candidate Big Money 
Weekly Standard 
Michael Warren 
October 24, 2014

Senate candidate Greg Orman of Kansas has been accused by Republicans as a Democrat-in-Independent's clothing, which explains why Orman is surrounding himself with Republicans in the final days of his campaign against GOP incumbent Pat Roberts. Here's a  report from the  Lawrence Journal-World:

During that time, the Roberts campaign and other groups have bombarded the airwaves with ads insisting that Orman is really a liberal Democrat posing as an independent, citing his past campaign contributions to President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada.

But the Orman campaign staged the event to dispel that very criticism by having former state Rep. Eric Carter, a conservative Republican from Overland Park, introduce him.

"We're all worried for our country, and for good reason. We've got challenges on the horizon," Carter said. "The one thing we've seen that has now been measured for decades is that it doesn't appear that the current batch of folks and the current way that we're doing things is going to meet those challenges."

Carter may very well prefer Orman to his own party's nominee, but the two men appear to have more than just a political relationship.  According to Orman's personal financial disclosure form, Carter owes Orman a substantial amount of money.

In the form's section for unearned income sources, Orman lists one asset as "Eric Carter - Note," short for a "loan note," and lists the value of the investment as between $15,001 and $50,000. Orman also lists that he receives no income from this, suggesting the loan is either a no-interest or deferred-interest loan.

The listing is on page 18 of Orman's long disclosure document. Here's a picture of it: