Moments ago we finished the first general election debate at the State Fair.

Kansans, let me tell you, you have a real choice in the race for U.S. Senate.

Kansans need someone in Washington with conviction and a backbone. Greg Orman has neither. First he says he’s a Republican. Then he says he is a Democrat. Then, just this year, he becomes an Independent. Folks, what will Greg Orman be next year? Do you really want to risk our children and grandchildren’s future to that?

Every day I am fighting to fix the damage that liberals like Harry Reid and Barack Obama have done to our country.

Today, Kansans learned the truth about my opponent. We learned he voted for Barack Obama and he donated to Harry Reid. He ran for office as a liberal Democrat, and he wants you to believe he has left all of that behind. Kansans aren’t buying it.

I am fighting to improve our economy by creating jobs, shrinking the government and cutting taxes. I am for securing our border and am against amnesty. I am fighting to repeal Obamacare and to restore your freedom to choose your own high quality health care. I am pro-life. I am a Marine. I have a strong record of getting results for Kansas. I take the hill.

Kansans know me, they know where I stand. I am standing up to Obama and Harry Reid. I will stand with a Republican majority against their liberal agenda. My opponent will stand with the liberals, and our nation will continue heading down the wrong path.

With your support, we can stop them. I ask for your vote. Please visit my website at and join the fight.