TOPEKA, Kan. – Tonight during the debate in Wichita, Greg Orman is still trying to deceive voters. He claims to be an independent, but all available data shows that Greg Orman is in fact a liberal Democrat. Unfortunately for Mr. Orman, the idea of Greg Orman is starkly different from the reality of Greg Orman. 

The facts:

  1. Tomorrow, liberal billionaires in NYC, including a member of the Soros family, are a holding a fundraiser for Greg Orman. 

  2. The Washington Times highlights how conservatives are recognizing that Mr. Orman is Independent in Name Only.

  3. Mr. Orman's "Republicans for Orman" ad is a complete sham, utilizing a pro-abortion, pro-gun control Kansas politician who has been called "Obamacare's Biggest Cheerleader" in Kansas. 

  4. Greg Orman ran against Pat Roberts in 2008... as a Democrat.

  5. Orman has given thousands to Democrats, including $4,600 to Barack Obama, $1,000 to Harry Reid, and $4,600 to Hillary Clinton.

  6. Orman hired Obama's admaker to produce ads that distance him from... Obama.

  7. When asked about voting down Obama's "legacy" achievement, Obamacare, Orman walked away after saying that it was "an interesting question."

  8. Greg Orman supports amnesty and would vote for Harry Reid and Obama's plan in the Senate.

  9. Orman refuses to take a position on Keystone XL Pipeline, saying he needs more information. 

  10. On the issue of protecting our Second Amendment freedoms, Orman has indicated he supports more federal gun control laws, but has refused to say how he would vote on the assault weapons ban.

  11. On the Democrats' harmful cap-and-trade scheme, which has been opposed for years by Senator Roberts because it would cost thousands of Kansas jobs and drive up energy costs on Kansas families, Orman has refused to tell voters where he stands.

  12. Orman cannot name one Supreme Court Justice he would've voted against as a Senator, and believes the President should have wide latitude in appointments.