Sep 16 2014

Yes or No Greg?

Topeka, KS - Yesterday, the Roberts for Senate campaign released "Another Vote," an ad contrasting Pat Roberts' unwavering stance against Obamacare with that of liberal Greg Orman, who has criticized Republican efforts to repeal the law. 

One of the only positions Greg Orman has clearly stated is his opposition to Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare. According to the Associated Press, Orman “called Republican attempts to repeal the law impractical.”

Orman went on to say Republicans' firm commitment to repealing Obamacare was “a hollow political promise they can't keep."

Mr. Orman’s position seems clear, but the overly sensitive liberals at the Orman campaign have taken offense to the Roberts ad. They insist Mr. Orman opposes Obamacare despite his opposition to repealing it… a confusing position to say the least.

So clear up the confusion, Mr. Orman. Today, would you vote to repeal Obamacare? Yes or No.

Senator Roberts would. He would repeal this devastating law that has raised taxes, cut Medicare for our seniors and cost our struggling economy jobs.  

Where does Greg Orman stand?