Jan 30 2014 -

Key Conservative Leader David Keene Endorses Pat Roberts for Senate

Keene is Major Force with the NRA/ACU

Topeka, KS – Influential conservative leader David Keene today endorsed Kansas Senator Pat Roberts for re-election to the U.S. Senate, calling Roberts “the very embodiment of the conservative citizen legislator who has never forgotten who he is or who he represents.”

Keene is currently serving as the Opinion Editor of the Washington Times. He formerly served as president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU) and continues to serve on the boards of both.

“I’ve known and admired Pat for years. He’s that rare Senator who says what he means and means what he says. His common sense, plain spoken dedication to fiscal responsibility and the values of the families he represents are both admirable and rare in a town where all too many politicians forget why voters sent them here in the first place. I am honored to call Pat a friend and proud to stand with him as he seeks re-election because he stands for the principles and values that have made this country what it is.”

Of the endorsement, Senator Pat Roberts said, “It’s an honor to have David Keene stand with me in this election. If anyone knows me and my record, it’s David. I have long valued his friendship and counsel. When David talks, conservatives listen. I want to thank David for lending his strong and respected voice to my campaign.”

A Wisconsin native, Keene chaired the American Conservative Union from 1984-2011. Founded by William F. Buckley, ACU is the oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization in the country.  The ACU seeks to uphold the Constitution, fighting for liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, free markets and a strong national defense. The ACU holds the well-regarded Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) each year. Under Keene’s leadership, CPAC attendees have grown from a few hundred to more than 11,000, according to The Washington Times. Keene currently serves on the ACU Board.

Following his ACU chairmanship, Keene became president of the NRA, focusing his efforts to defend the Second Amendment. Beyond advocacy, the NRA supports programs such as training police and hunters as well as running gun safety programs in schools. Under Keene’s tenure, the NRA expanded programs for young people and women. Keene remains on NRA’s Board of Directors.

Today, Keene shares his conservative values and ideals as the opinion editor of the Washington Times, overseeing the editorial page, commentary section and on-line opinion strategy.

Keene has worked to advance conservative principles his entire professional career. Every Republican president over the last 40 years has called on Keene for counsel and advice from his posts at the White House and multiple presidential campaigns. He was an early supporter of Ronald Reagan’s insurgent presidential campaign and was proud to host Reagan each year at CPAC during his presidency.

According to a 2011 Newsmax article, “few have had as much impact on the conservative movement and been so successful over the years at promoting Republican candidates at the national level as Dave Keene.”