Dec 07 2013 -

Next Generation of Conservative Kansans Endorse Pat Roberts

3 Key Leaders of the Kansas Young Republicans Announce Supportfor 2014 Campaign

TOPEKA, KS -- Four key leaders of the next generation of conservative Kansans today endorsed Pat Roberts for Senate recognizing U.S. Senator Pat Roberts’ leadership on behalf of future generations of Kansans and his commitment to conservative principles. 

The Kansas Young Republican Chairman Brandon Kenig of Shawnee,  Vice-Chair Lee Modesitt of Manhattan, National Committeewoman Ashley Moretti and National Committeeman Trey Joy of Smith Center threw their support behind Pat Roberts.

Brandon Kenig, Chairman of the Kansas Young Republicans said, “Senator Pat Roberts is a reliable advocate for Kansans in Washington, always standing up for our interests and never backing down from a fight. From protecting taxpayers by holding the IRS accountable to critically examining the state of our foreign intelligence operations, Pat can be trusted to fight for the answers we need and push for common-sense reforms that enhance our security and strengthen our nation. His fight against the Obama spending binge is especially important for young Kansans who bear the burden of our national debt."

Pat Roberts said, “The endorsements from these young Republican leaders are very important to me given the challenges our nation’s young people face. President Obama and the liberals in Congress continue to push for policies that, like never before, risk the future for younger Americans. Therefore, it is essential that the next generation of Kansans band together to create an environment where we can compete and thrive without the burdens of debt and big government weighing us down. We can achieve this goal by continuing the fight for job creation, debt reduction and the repeal of Obamacare. I look forward to having Brandon, Lee, Ashley and Trey on my team and working together for our shared vision for Kansas, now and into the future.”

Momentum for the Roberts campaign has never been stronger. Roberts’  tough, tested and trusted leadership has united Kansas Republicans from across the spectrum and across the state. Roberts is the 5th most conservative senator as rated by Heritage Action and has received an overwhelming number of key endorsements including: Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, every statewide official on the ballot in 2014, 31 of 32 GOP Kansas state Senators, 79 state Representatives, the Kansas State Rifle Association, the Kansas Black Republican Council, Tea Party leaders and countless hardworking Kansans.