Clinton expresses excitement over Democrats' Chances in Kansas  

TOPEKA, Kan. – Last night on PBS NewsHour, former President Bill Clinton said “we're now competitive in Kansas” when discussing the chances of Democrats keeping the majority of the United States Senate.

"So-called 'Independent' Greg Orman has run for office as a Democrat, donated money to Democrats, and now Bill Clinton is talking up Orman's candidacy as a way for Democrats to retain control of the Senate," campaign manager Corry Bliss said. "Greg Orman isn't being honest with voters and he will say and do anything to get elected, even if it means pretending he's not a Democrat."

The transcript: 

JUDY WOODRUFF, PBS NewsHour: So you're not going to predict the Democrats?

BILL CLINTON: I think we have a slightly better than 50% chance to hold the Congress. I still think we've got a chance win in Georgia and Kentucky. We're now competitive in Kansas. And we have to, I think, we've got a great chance to win in North Carolina. I think we're now going to hold Michigan, and I believe we'll win in Iowa. And I think Mark [Pryor] and Mary Landrieu will win, so I'm not with the skeptics. I think we're going to do better than people think.

Source:  PBS NewsHour