Wichita, KS – Senator Pat Roberts delivered a defining win in tonight's final debate against Obama's hand-picked candidate Greg Orman. The debate was held in the KSN studios in Wichita. Roberts for Senate Campaign Manager Corry Bliss issued the following statement after the debate:

"This race is a referendum on Barack Obama’s liberal policies. Greg Orman is Obama’s hand-picked candidate, and the two agree on every issue – Orman is against repealing Obamacare, he's pro-amnesty, pro-abortion, and he's supports restrictions on gun rights. His campaign even mocked Senator Roberts for standing up to the President’s attempt to bring Gitmo terrorists to Kansas.

"Mr. Orman is backed by Obama donors and Democrat operatives. In fact, tomorrow night, the son of billionaire Democrat George Soros will host a fundraiser in New York to benefit the Orman campaign. Greg Orman is 'Independent' in name only.

"Despite Orman's best attempts, he can't pull the wool over the eyes of Kansans. Senator Roberts demonstrated tonight that there is one candidate in this race who will fight against the Obama-Reid agenda. A vote for Pat Roberts is a vote for a Republican majority in the United States Senate. That's why Pat Roberts will win in November."