Roberts Campaign Responds To Orman’s Latest Effort To Deceive Voters

TOPEKA, Kan. – In case you missed it, liberal Democrat Greg Orman is on the defensive and out with a new fancy TV ad this morning in which he disingenuously claims President Obama and Harry Reid are part of “ the reason Washington is such a mess.”  Apparently our multi-millionaire opponent is hoping Kansans will overlook that he not only voted for President Obama in 2008 but he actually donated thousands of dollars to both President Obama and Harry Reid.  

Orman’s disingenuousness doesn’t stop there though — Politico reports that Orman hired the well-known Democratic ad firm Adelstein Liston to produce his new ad.   

But guess who Adelstein Liston also lists on their firm’s website as two of their other biggest clients?  None other than President Obama and Harry Reid.  Not to mention, a litany of liberal groups such as Big Labor, Emily’s List, and the radical environmental lobby, which further explains why Orman won’t tell Kansans where he stands on issues like the Keystone KL pipeline.

If you are reporting on Orman’s new TV ad, please consider the following statement from the Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss:

“It’s remarkable that liberal, millionaire Greg Orman would try to fool Kansans into believing he opposes the Obama agenda by hiring a D.C. ad firm that works for none other than Barack Obama.  Orman’s new ad is even more disingenuous when Kansans consider that he has personally donated thousands of dollars to President Obama and Harry Reid’s campaign war chests.

“Unfortunately, this is just the latest chapter in a growing pattern of deceit and evasiveness by liberal Greg Orman.  He will say anything, do anything, and in this case, hire anyone, to help him get elected.”