Topeka, Kan. – This week, MayDay PAC announced it intends to enter the Kansas Senate race, committing $200,000 to support Greg Orman's campaign. Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss issued the following statement in repsonse:

"Another day, another liberal group announces their support for Greg Orman. Much like Orman, MayDay PAC claims "independence," while contributing almost exclusively to liberal Democrats. 

"This week, Kansas voters saw the real Greg Orman: he doubled down on his support for abortion and restrictions on gun rights; he held a fundraiser in New York City with the family of liberal billionaire George Soros; and he won the support of the Obama-loving Big Labor union AFL-CIO.

"By every definition, Greg Orman is a liberal Democrat. Just follow the money."

MayDay PAC has spent $3,487,015 in the 2014 campaign cycle. Over 80% of its expenditures have been used against Republicans or in support of Democrats (