In this weekend’s debate one fact became crystal clear – Greg Orman is a Barack Obama, Harry Reid liberal masquerading as an independent. Mr. Orman must think folks are pretty foolish if they are going to fall for his charade.

Voters deserve a Senator with a backbone, with principles and strong convictions. Voters deserve someone who will be honest and tell them where they stand, and Greg Orman refuses to be straightforward with Kansans.

Here is what we do know - Orman donated money to Harry Reid, but he refuses to say if he would vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

And here is what we learned at Saturday’s debate -- Orman supports amnesty.

Click Here to Watch Orman Lay Out His Amnesty Plan

Mr. Orman believes enforcing our immigration laws is "unpractical." He would rather reward millions of illegal aliens, allowing them to jump the line in front of those lawfully waiting for citizenship.

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and amnesty for illegal aliens are not the kind of solutions Kansas needs. Stand with Pat Roberts against Harry Reid and Orman’s amensty plan by donating today!

Team Roberts