Topeka, Kan. – Over the weekend in Baldwin City, a Kansas voter asked Greg Orman a straightforward question: “Do you support abortion?”  Once again Greg Orman fled from the simple question, yelling at the woman to “check his website” as he sprinted away.

Senator Pat Roberts issued a stern statement today calling liberal Democrat Greg Orman’s habit of perpetually running away from serious questions asked by earnest Kansas voters disgraceful.

Greg Orman is a pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare, pro-amnesty liberal Democrat,” Senator Pat Roberts said. “ Orman has hidden from the cameras and run away from voters this entire campaign.  It is disgraceful behavior from a man asking for the public trust. 

“Kansans don’t run away from the hard questions. We stand up, look you in the eye and shoot straight. Greg Orman is either incapable or unwilling to do so."  

“The answer to the woman’s question is simple – Greg Orman supports abortion. On his own campaign website Orman says, ‘it’s time for our government to move past’ the issue of the rights of the unborn and 'start focusing on other important issues.’

“This is a question of leadership, and if Greg Orman can’t answer a voter’s simple question, how could anyone expect him to stand up for Kansas in the U.S. Senate?”

This disgraceful behavior is becoming a pattern for Orman, who ,just three weeks ago, ran away from a voter asking about his support of Obamacare.   

Greg Orman has built his campaign on a farce.  Orman is no independent.  He is a liberal democrat, and a vote for Greg Orman is a vote to hand the future of Kansas and the country to Barack Obama and Harry Reid.