Sep 15 2014

New Television Ads

Roberts for Senate Releases New Television Ads

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Roberts for Senate campaign today released its first television ads of the general election. Both ads will air statewide beginning Tuesday.

The ads, “Results" and "Another Vote," highlight Pat Roberts’ history of delivering results for Kansas, and contrast his unwavering stance against Obamacare with Greg Orman’s waffling positions and outright critiques of Republican efforts to repeal the disastrous healthcare takeover.

“Senator Roberts has never wavered. He stands against Obamacare in the strongest possible terms, and his priority after re-election will be to repeal President Obama’s healthcare takeover and enact real reforms to lower health care costs for all Americans,” campaign manager Corry Bliss said.

“The facts are clear. Pat Roberts is the only candidate who has delivered for Kansas, and the only candidate who has shown he will do everything in his power to dismantle, defund, and repeal Obamacare. Greg Orman has given thousands of dollars to the architects of Obamacare – Harry Reid and Barack Obama. He has called Republican efforts to repeal the law ‘impractical,’ and he refuses to be honest with Kansas voters about what he would do if given the chance to repeal the law. Kansas voters deserve better.”

The ads may be watched here: 

Results -

Another Vote -