Why I'm Running

The Challenge

Our economic and personal freedoms are under attack as never before. President Obama’s legacy, Obamacare, wrecks our economy, causes hardship for thousands of Kansans families and Kansas businesses. Sen. Harry Reid and his liberal majority block reforms and conservative legislation at every turn.Senator Roberts

As a young Marine, I was taught to take the hill. That is how I have approached the fight to take Kansas values to Washington. 

I’ve been successful in passing laws to cut runaway government spending, to support our military and protect national security and to reduce the tax burden on Kansas families. I’ve been successful in stopping laws, regulations and policies that damage our freedoms and weaken our economy. And yet, there is much more we need to do.

I am running for re-election because that fight is important to all of us as Kansans and Americans and because I am making a difference. I want continue our fight to restore the constitutional foundations of our government.

Conservative Kansas values are the best medicine for what ails Washington.

That’s what I bring to the fight. In endorsing my race, Speaker Newt Gingrich said, “Pat is the one true and trusted conservative in this race who has showed time and again that he represents the needs and values of Kansas in the Senate.”


More than just talk, I have fought Obamacare at every turn with legislation and votes. I was the first to call for President Obama to fire Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and put accountability in the process. Obamacare must be stopped. We will repair the damage to our economy and healthcare system.


With President Obama in the White House and liberal Democrats controlling the Senate, the fight to cut taxes and curb spending is difficult.

More than just talk, I am on the front lines of that fight, voting to preserve the Bush tax cuts for millions of Americans and to prevent President Obama’s tax increases. As your Senator, I have voted to stop $1.2 trillion in tax increases. Likewise, I have voted against $4.5 trillion in debt hikes. I support a tax system that is fair, restores economic incentive and guts the IRS.


I am proud that my fight for conservative Kansas values is recognized by many in the state and nationally:

  • Heritage Action rates me one of the top 5 most conservative Senators;
  • I have a 100% rating with National Right to Life;
  • I have an A rating with National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America;
  • The Kansas State Rifle Association has endorsed my campaign;
  • 79 Republican State Representatives and 31 Republican State Senators have endorsed my campaign;
  • All statewide elected Republican office holders on the ballot in 2014 have endorsed my campaign; and,
  • All members of the Kansas congressional delegation have endorsed my campaign.

Our partnership is strong. Our mandate is clear.  Together, let’s continue to fight for the values that Kansans hold dear. I want to be your voice. I ask for your support.


Pat Roberts